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A few times a year we end up at Vista Park in Taylorsville for baseball games. Our younger boys are always thrilled because they love the playground at Vista Park. This park is quite large and has a lot to do. So we have added it to our Best Parks in Salt Lake County list.

Vista Park is located in a beautiful setting.

Vista Park has a really fun playground. The playground is on the southwest corner of the baseball fields. This play area has a large rope climbing structure and a playground with a few slides. There is also a small toddler playground in the same area, so kids of all ages can play together. We played on a few skinny toys and the swings, too.

The play area has a lot of fun stuff.
This is the smaller playground for toddlers.
There are swings at this park. Be prepared!

Our boys love this playground for two reasons. One is the large zipline. This zipline is long and a lot of fun. The other reason is the electronic game that a few other parks have implemented. They love trying different games and racing against each other, or even the computer.

The zipline goes a long way.
Our boys love playing the electronic games.
They race all around trying to hit the buttons at the right time.

Vista Park has a pavilion and lots of grassy area. This would be a fun place to throw a frisbee and play tag as a family. There are also 4 baseball fields, and just next door are 4 softball fields. We enjoyed our visit to Vista Park in Taylorsville. And the mountains in the background add the best backdrop. The address is 5150 South 1950 West, Taylorsville.

We know you will enjoy this park, too!

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