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Grandpa’s Pond Park in Hurricane is a beautiful place to spend a few hours or have a picnic lunch. There is a paved trail around a large pond, plenty of ducks and waterfowl, and a small playground for the kids. This is the perfect place to skip a few rocks and enjoy the afternoon.

Grandpa’s Pond Park Trail

We mostly went to Grandpa’s Pond Park for the walk. It is level, paved, and runs a distance of about 0.7 miles around the large pond. Of course, we stopped several times to let the kids throw rocks in the water. We also enjoyed looking at the waterfowl. Though it was winter, there were plenty of species. During Spring and Summer, there must be a lot of birds.

The trail walks around the entire pond, and on the far side from the parking lot, you can also see the Virgin River inlet near the Grandpa’s Pond.

Grandpa’s Pond park is a lovely spot.
The paved trail goes around the entire pond.
The Virgin River was very full when we visited.
Our boys loved throwing rocks.
There were a lot of birds at the pond.


There is also a playground at Grandpa’s Pond Park in Hurricane. The playground isn’t super large, but there are still plenty of places to climb and slide. Our kids enjoyed chasing the cousins around the climbing toys and down the slides. There are also a few swings in this area, too.

The playground has a few slides and lots of climbing areas.
We had a bunch of fun at the play area.

Other Amenities

On this side of the pond near the parking area, there are also restrooms, and a pavilion. There are also picnic tables spread throughout the grassy areas if you don’t want to use the entire pavilion.

There is also a disc golf course at Grandpa’s Pond Park. There were quite a few people enjoying the course when we visited.

There are picnic tables spread throughout the park.
You can have a gathering at this pavilion.
Make sure to bring some discs for the disc course.

This pond is also a great spot for fishing. There are a few different floating platforms where young fisherman can cast their lines. You can fish from anywhere around the pond, but make sure to have a Utah fishing license (ages 12 and under fish for free).

Bring your poles to enjoy fishing.
We loved Grandpa’s Pond Park.

If you are looking for other fun things to do in the area, make sure to check out Dixie Springs Park also in Hurricane, or plan a day a Sand Hollow State Park.

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