Canyon Park | St. George

We visited a fun park in St. George that was perfect for 3 active boys. This park has a track and an obstacle course where kids can time themselves. Canyon Park is in Washington, Utah, but it’s close to the I-15, so it’s a great stop when traveling through St. George.

Canyon Park is a smaller park, but for older, active kids this park is a ton of fun. There is an obstacle course where kids can climb, run through the obstacles, and practice their speed. Kids can hold down a button to start a timer, and hurry through the course. The timer runs until they stop the clock. We’d never seen this feature at a park before, and for my highly competitive boys, the timer was a real winner. They loved trying to beat their previous time.

The obstacle course has many different challenges.
Our kids loved timing themselves through the obstacles.

There is also a racing area that acts much like the obstacle course. Stand on the number, watch for the green light, and run as fast as you can to the end. The timer keeps track of two runners, and our boys loved racing and trying to beat each other and their previous time.

Kids can race over and over again.
There are clocks by the different challenges.

The rest of Canyon Park is pretty simple. There are huge slides that speed down the mountainside. My boys raced on these, too. At the bottom of the hill is a large sand area, where smaller kids can dig and play. There are a few climbing areas, too. This park isn’t very toddler friendly as it is better for kids ages 5 and up.

These huge slides run down the hillside.
The park is located at a trailhead.
There is a large sand area to dig in.
This park has a huge climbing path back to the top of the slides.

There are bathrooms and a few pavilions at the park. This is also the beginning of a trailhead, so there is a path for walking/biking/hiking. We haven’t walked the Hell Hole Trail yet, but we will have to check it out.

The park has no shade, so in the summer make sure to visit in the cooler parts of the day. Canyon Park is a fun place to play when in the St. George area. Another fun park in this area is Thunder Junction All Abilities Park.


Canyon Park is located at 15 N. Rail Trail Ln. Take the Washington Parkway Exit, and head East off the freeway. Go straight through the roundabout, and the road will run into the parking area for Canyon Park at the corner of Washington Parkway and Telegraph St. It is about 1 mile from the freeway.

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