18 of the Best Parks in Davis County

Davis County is home to lots of amazing playgrounds and parks. Whenever we visit the area, we try to find a new park to visit, and we haven’t run out of fun places to play. We have gathered the best parks in Davis County for this list so that you and your family can enjoy some time together.

Note: We have not visited all of these parks yet, but thanks to our readers, we were able to gather this list of the favorite parks in Davis County. We will update with photos and posts as we visit.

Grey Hawk Park: Layton

Grey Hawk Park has a lot to offer: 3 playground areas, walking trails, pickleball, tennis, and basketball courts, pavilions, and lots of grass. Check out the Layton city website for a virtual tour. Located at 3500 Redtail Way, Layton, UT.

Layton Commons Park

We have driven through Layton Commons Park at Christmas time, and also visited the Vietnam Memorial Wall, but we have never explored the park. There is a playground and a fun duck pond. The Salt Project shared about this park on our other Davis parks post. Located at 437 Wasatch Dr, Layton.

Ellison Park: Layton

Ellison Park has a nice playground and lots of sports courts, as well as a one mile walking trail. But the highlight of this park is the fun splash pad, which turns on in the summer. More information on the Layton City website. Located at 800 Cold Creek Way, Layton.

Pioneer Park: Kaysville

Pioneer Park has a really fun playground with lots of different items to climb and explore on. Not much shade, but there is a nice walking path. Located at 1285 S Angel St, Kaysville.

Barnes Park: Kaysville

The Salt Project has shared about this park on their site.

Barnes Park has a great playground and a little duck pond. There are also lots of shade trees, a cute bridge, and plenty of sports courts and fields. Located at 1220 W 200 N, Kaysville.

Heritage Park: Kaysville

Image from the Kaysville Website.

Heritage Park is one of the newer parks in Kaysville. There is a playground and a splash pad. They also have a historic Water Mill and Pioneer House, which is awesome for learning about the history of the area. Located at 250 North Fairfield Rd, Kaysville.

Loy Blake Park: West Point

Loy Blake Park just upgraded to a new playground. They also have baseball diamonds, basketball , tennis, and volleyball courts, soccer fields, pavilions, and a splash pad. Located at 3500 W 550 N, West Point, UT.

Jensen Nature Park: Syracuse

You don’t visit Jensen Nature Park for a playground but for the wetland environment. This little park has a beautiful pond, and lots of easy paved trails to explore. Located at 3176 S Bluff Rd, Syracuse.

Centennial Park: Syracuse

This park is home to Chloe’s Sunshine Playground, an accessible playground named fo a young girl with cerebral palsy who couldn’t play on normal play equipment. Her mother worked hard to get this playground completed. Now, they not only have this amazing playground, but a huge awesome splash pad called the Syracuse Island that is also all-abilities accessible. This looks to be a great spot to visit. Located at 1800 S 2000 W, Syracuse.

Neldon Hamblin Park: Clearfield

Image from Utawesome.

This park is small, but it has become known as the Swing Park. It has a large gravity rail swing that goes on for 150 feet. Almost like a small roller coaster. Located at 90 W 200 S in Clearfield.

Nicholls Castle Park: Fruit Heights

This park has been updated and is no longer made from trex/wood. But the park is still a castle, and looks so fun! Located at 1001 Nicholls Rd, Fruit Heights.

Farmington Regional Park: Farmington

This park looks similar to Patriot Park in Saratoga Springs. It is sports-themed with a glove for a slide, and we can’t wait to check it out and take some pictures. Located behind the Farmington Rec Center at 78 S 650 W, Farmington.

Creekside Park: Bountiful

This playground is so much fun!

Creekside Park not only has a super fun playground, but it also has a creek to play and splash in. We enjoyed spending a full afternoon playing and splashing at this park. Located at 600 Mill St, Bountiful.

Bountiful City Park: Bountiful

Our boys call this the Ewok park because they think the playground looks like the little Ewok village in Star Wars. This park has a lot of fun places to climb and a lot of shade. Located at 400 N 200 W, Bountiful.

Firefighters Park: Bountiful

This park is a little smaller, but the firetruck playground makes up for the size. Our boys think that this park is the coolest. Located at 76 W 200 S, Bountiful.

Island View Park: Centerville

This playground has just been completely remodeled and everyone has said it is a lot of fun. This park also has a lot of shade and lots of sports courts. We will visit soon to check it out. Located at 750 E 550 S, Centerville.

Foxboro North Regional (Legacy) Park: North Salt Lake

This park has the nice cushy flooring, a huge playground, and a super fun splash pad. Legacy Park is great of the summer time. Located at 1140 W 1100 N, North Salt Lake.

There are so many amazing parks in Davis County to try. We hope this list helps you find some great places to have fun! Do you have a favorite park in Davis County? Let us know in the comments so we can add it to the list.

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