Baird Manor Halloween Lights

Without a doubt we found our favorite Halloween light display in Lehi. There are so many houses popping up with Halloween lights, and a lot of them are super fun with music and screens. The Baird Manor Halloween Lights do it a little better. For this home, you’ll want to get out of your car.

The entire house is a screen. It’s so cool!

Baird Manor has turned their entire house into an amazing show. Somehow, the house comes alive with several scary scenes during a short 5 minute movie. There is narration that is a little like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, but it is really amazing how it lights up the entire house.

We watched the show a few times. It was that good.

Baird Manor has turned their entire house into a screen. Figures appear in the windows, ghosts dance in the garage. Suddenly, the entire house bursts into flames and a demonic face appears. It is all in surreal 3-D that matches the pattern of the house, too. Of course, scary music plays on the radio, or if you are out of your vehicle over the speaker.

It reminded us a little of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.
It is a great ending when the whole house bursts into flames at the end.

This show was a new favorite because it was so much different than any light show we’ve ever seen, whether it be Christmas or Halloween. We actually sat through the show two and a half times! We were also impressed with this family. All of the children were in the yard helping their dad set up and fine tune the show. The kids also came to tell us that on Friday and Saturday nights they have a spook alley to walk through in their backyard. We love families that work and play together. You can see more details and times/dates on the Baird Manor Facebook page.

If you happen to come between shows, don’t worry, it will be back on in just a minute.

Baird Manor Halloween Lights is definitely worth checking out. We enjoyed our visit so much. If you’d like to see other Halloween Lights in Lehi, check out our other post where there are quite a few lights within a few miles of each other.


The Baird Manor Halloween Lights Show is located at 348 W 1560 N in Lehi. This address is just barely on the east side of the freeway off of 300 W, which runs past the Lehi Seven Peaks Fun Center (Trafalga). If you watch from your car, tune to 87.9 to hear the sound effects. If there is a lot of traffic, please park on 300 W and walk over to the show.

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