Alpine Creekside Park & Splash Pad

The Alpine Splash Pad is part of a larger park called Creekside Park in Alpine. Creekside Park has three playgrounds, two sets of bathrooms, tennis courts, basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, two pavilions, and lots of grassy areas. There is a lot of stuff to do!

My four year old loved the splash pad. Water sprays from all directions, but he mostly used the guns that he could spin and spray at his mom! Our one year old hung out by the little fountains. The water is set to turn off every 15 minutes or so, but there is a button to push that turns it back on. It’s a little difficult to push, so you’ll have to help the younger kids. This splash pad is best for younger kids (mine are 4 and 1) because it is smaller and just has a variety of sprayers.

This was his favorite sprayer.
My baby loved the little fountain sprayers.
Here is an overview of the Alpine Creekside Park Splash Pad.

We also spent lots of time on the playground. There are two playgrounds and a pavilion right by the splash pad. The kids loved being able to run back and forth between the two different playgrounds. The equipment was all pretty new and nice. There is also a third playground on the opposite side from the splash pad with it’s own set of bathrooms.

Here is one of the playgrounds.
There is a large pavilion and we loved all of the grass.

We had a great time at the Alpine Creekside Park and Splash Pad. Other than the pavilions, there isn’t any shade, so be prepared.  This park has so much to do you could really spend all day. Check out our list of other splash pads in Utah County.


Alpine Creekside Park is located at 100 South and 600 East in Alpine, Utah.


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