Allred’s Pond

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Allred’s Pond

We like birding, but sometimes it can be a difficult adventure. You have to drive a long way out to some wetland where you may or may not see any birds. Often the birds are too far away or moving too fast to identify.

That’s why we like Allred’s Pond. The pond is a small farmer’s pond a half mile off Lehi Main Street. You won’t spend a lot of time there, but it is a great drop-in spot for a quick “bird-check.” We make the short trek every time we go west toward Saratoga Springs. On our most recent trip, we saw 40 mallards, but many other birds can be seen in the spring and summer.

The pond is unmarked, but easy to find. Travel west on Main Street in Lehi until you cross the Jordan River. Take an immediate right along the river (a new sign marks it as 400 East). The pond is less than a half a mile down this narrow road on the right.

One nice thing about the pond is that you have a really high vantage point. Birds prefer the standing water to the nearby Jordan River. You can also drive around the pond if you dare, though the road is pretty rough, and presumably private. (Also, you probably wouldn’t gain a better vantage point by doing so.)

Allred’s Pond is any easy one to check out. It can also be paired with Powell Lake just up the road.

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Another view of the pond…you can see it’s right next to the road.

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