Festival Transylvania | Millcreek Gardens

There is a fun new Halloween adventure at Millcreek Gardens and Nursery called Festival Transylvania. We enjoyed this activity because it was very family-friendly. All three of our boys, ages 8-14, really enjoyed the trip, and no one, not even Mom, got scared.

Festival Transylvania at Millcreek Gardens

Festival Transylvania is also really unique. As you walk into the garden, the event is set up a little like a classic spooky alley. As you walk along you come to a bunch of different scenes featuring the wolfman, the creature from Frankenstein, and Dracula. At each stop, you step on a pad and a small piece of the story unfolds. You’ll find out that there is a contest among the Transylvanian monsters.

The story is told at each of the stations with the recording stomp pads.
We enjoyed meeting all the characters.
All of these scenes are hands-free. You just step on the pad to play.

Each scene adds a little information as you try to unravel who the winner of the contest will be. At the last stop, you make a guess before finding out who won (No Spoilers from us!) In between each of the stops are Halloween decorations and other spook alley displays.

One of the reasons this event is family-friendly is because it works on different levels. Younger children can enjoy the different displays, older kids can understand and get involved in the story, and adults can have fun with both. We did explain parts of the story to our kids because sometimes it was a little hard to hear, so make sure to listen and help them understand what is going on.

The kids became part of the story.
There are small activities between each of the character stops.
There are also some normal spook alley displays.
We liked all of the little details in the gardens.
The shadow area was a fun stop.

We spent about 45 minutes at Festival Transylvania, and our boys all said it was one of their favorite Halloween adventures this year. We took a lot of pictures, and everyone was really friendly and interactive. This event is brand new and very inexpensive. We only spent a few dollars to get in, and a few more dollars for hot chocolate, popcorn, cookies, OR cotton candy. Each of the concessions was $1, so very affordable.

There are a few live actors in Festival Transylvania.
They announce the winner at the end!
You can vote for your favorite part of the event.
Make sure to grab some treats.

Tickets must be purchased ahead of time online at Millcreek Gardens. Masks are required (2020) and social distancing spot are located along the path. Festival Transylvania runs from October 16-31, 2020.

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Festival Transylvania was a ton of fun.

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  1. Heather Richie Silveira

    This was AHHMMAAZZIING!!! So creative, detailed, well put together, exciting, clean, family friendly, welcoming, kind and enthusiastic staff, incredibly cost effective. I could go on and on, sincerely. Highly recommended. Not at all overcrowded when I went about 7:30 pm on a Monday night. This is the best Halloween event I’ve ever attended. So glad I was able to go!! XD

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We are so glad that you enjoyed it! We thought it was so fun and creative, too!