Great Salt Lake State Park

Utah has so many amazing state parks to visit. One that has been on our list for a while is Great Salt Lake State Park. This small park is mostly focused on a marina, but does include a few activities that families can enjoy.

Junior Ranger program

Make sure to take advantage of the Junior Ranger Program at Great Salt Lake. It was the focus of our trip, and the boys learned a lot as they completed the program. We worked on it in the small Visitor’s Center. You can even print the book out before and have your kids work on it as you drive to this State Park.

The Visitor Center is very small. A few exhibits and a small gift shop.
There are just a few exhibits like this inside.
It was interesting to see the pieces of salt from the Great Salt Lake.


We also took a walk down along the lake to the salty pools along the shore. We could spot the brine shrimp swimming in the brackish water, and salt encrusted many of the rocks. In the summer time, the beach is nicer, and the water warmer. You could also take the opportunity to float in the Great Salt Lake.

Silver Sands Beach is right behind the Visitor Center.
SaltAir is visible from the beach at Great Salt Lake State Park.
We enjoyed exploring along the Great Salt Lake.

Bird Watching

There are a few binoculars available to look through and a viewing deck for spotting birds. We didn’t see many in March, but you might have better luck later into Spring and Summer.

There were also a few other short walks, too. One took us along the edge of the marina to open water. The wind was crisp off the lake, but there was a beautiful flat horizon as we looked west across the Salt Flats. We also enjoyed skipping stones across the surface.

The viewing area allows you to look for birds, and also offers great views of the lake.
This tower is taller than the Statue of Liberty.
We liked looking at all the boats in the marina, too.
You can see Antelope Island in the distance.

Other Info

Great Salt Lake State Park is a great stop for an hour or two. Particularly if you are interested in earning that coveted Junior Ranger badge! You can also continue out to the Bonneville Salt Flats, which is one of our favorite spots, but a bit of a drive.

  • Great Salt Lake State Park is open year round. Visitor Center hours change during the seasons. You can check more specific times on their website.
  • They have a self-guided tour. There are a few stops to check out with information. Also available in many languages on their website.
Great Salt Lake State Park is a fun spot to explore.

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