Powell Lake

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Powell Lake — north side.

Fall isn’t a great time for birdwatching, but we found some great places for birdwatching right here in Lehi. There is Allred’s Pond, the city pond, and the drive along Utah Lake.

Tonight we went to a new spot called Powell Lake (no, not Lake Powell). Even though it is early November, we saw more than 100 mallards, plenty of California gulls, a few Canadian geese, a killdeer, and even some Northern Shovelers. In spring, we can only imagine the birds that might be seen.

This beautiful little wetland sits in the middle of west Lehi between Main Street and Pioneer Crossing. You can park on the road and walk either north or south– the lake extends on both sides along the shore. Best of all, the trail is paved and stroller-friendly.

The trail is perfect for anyone.

The reeds are pretty tall and thick, which seems bad, but actually provides a blind so you can get closer to the birds. There are several openings along the trail that allow you to view the wildlife.

If you’re new to birding, or would like to try it out, check out our entry on birding books and binoculars. Then grab the kids and head over to Powell Lake. It’s easy to find:

Directions: To get to Powell Lake, take Main Street in Lehi west to Willow Lane (3130 West). Turn left into the neighborhood and go to the stop sign (the road Ts at another road called Willow Reed. Turn right and go a few blocks to where the trail crosses the street. You can’t miss it, the Lake is surprisingly large.

Powell Lake to the south.

On the south side, there is a bridge that crosses over toward the homes.

You can see this sign on the west side of Powell Lake.
There is a paved trail that starts here, too. 

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  1. Jen

    When is the best time to visit? You said that fall is not a good time for bird watching…when should we visit? Thanks!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Spring is the best time, but early summer is pretty good, too. Early fall is migration time, but we went in November, which is way too late.

  2. Heather H

    Just so you know the “ponds” you are referring too are really just retention ponds from the wetlands the neighborhood was built on top of, the people who own the house near them put up that sign to be funny. We do get lots and lots of birds, my favorites are the pelicans.