Visit Holdman Studios in Lehi

Holdman Studios is located at Thanksgiving Point just east of where Cornbelly’s pops up in October, and right by Farm Country. You can walk through Holdman Studios for free and admire the amazing glass projects they create. They also offer a paid tour and many different classes. If you’d like to learn a little more about stained glass, then a visit to Holdman Studios is a great start.

Holdmand Studios
Look for Holdman Studios on the Thanksgiving Point property.

Free Visit

There is a small gallery to stroll through with beautiful glass art. There are different pieces to admire and they change often. We liked the different glass from all of the local temples. It is neat to see how each one is unique . One of the things that is really fun is that there is a strip on the floor that is see through. Holdman Studios has put different pieces that have been created into the strip. We saw a mermaid, snowman, pumpkin, bird, and lots more. This is a fun place to look at things for kids.

This is the small art display at Holdman Studios,
This piece is so amazing.
Although it is small, there is a lot to see, and enjoy.
Holdman Studios glass
One time when we stopped by, we saw some of the Payson temple glass getting ready to be shipped.
Don’t miss looking at all of the objects in the floors. It is so fun!

You can also watch the Hot Shop on your free visit. This is where they create a lot of the different objects that go into the stained glass. It is also where they blow glass objects. Chairs are set up so you can sit and watch, and an artist takes glass that has been heated glowing hot and stretches it into different shapes. For $45 you can make and keep your own glass flower (with a little assistance). We watched as two people made glass flowers. They chose their colors, then used tools to pull and stretch the glass into a bell shape. Finally, the artist cut the glass and put it aside to cool (for 24 hours).

This is the Hot Shop.
Sometimes we just sit and watch the workers make different things.
This lady is making a glass flower...she is pulling at the hot glass.
Other times we have been there when someone is making a glass flower.

Roots of Humanity

Currently, Holdman Studios is also hosting the Roots of Humanity glass display. This is an another project similar to Roots of Knowledge down at UVU. These windows are a “thesis statement” for a HUGE goal of building the Sphere of Light, which will be the world’s largest stained glass window museum that tells a continuous story. This is an amazingly ambitious project, and we cannot wait for this building to be done.

This is the Roots of Humanity display.

Right now these panels are being held at Holdman Studios, but they are not going to be there forever. Soon they will move back to the Roots of Humanity buildings just down the street. You can request a free tour to visit them there. We will update this post once they move. You can learn more here:

There is a fun app to help you experience more about these panels.
We love finding hidden things in the glass. Here are the seven continents made with sand from each continent.
This is the grand design for the Roots of Humanity museum. WOW!

Other Offerings

If you’d like to be able to go into the back and see the artists creating the stained glass windows, or other projects, you will need to sign up for a paid tour. This can be done on the Holdman Studios website. It is $50 for a group up to 10 people. You are paying for the whole tour whether there are 2 of you or 10 of you, the cost is $50. So grab some friends and fill a tour.

Each of these are from different temples.

They also offer classes. There are 6 week stained glass courses, or just simple one time make and take classes. Holdman Studios also has kids classes where they can work in the hot shop or create fused glass. For more details on their current classes, visit their website.

There are also pieces for purchase in the Holdman Studios shops. There are stained glass and blown glass ornaments, pieces of glass to use in your own creations, as well as their artistic created sea glass.

You can pick pieces out for jewelry or take a big scoop.
We liked looking at all of the colors of glass they had for sale, even though we didn’t buy any.

It is best to call ahead, though, to make sure artists are working on the day you go. The number is 801.766.411. Business hours are 10 am-5pm Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday. Location: 3001 N. Thanksgiving Way in Lehi, Utah.

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  1. dressesandmesses

    What’s the cost? We don’t have a membership. This looks so cool! I’ve always had a secret desire to learn the art of glass blowing…

    1. Natalie Ockey

      It’s FREE for everyone…you don’t need a membership to Thanksgiving Point. Making the glass flower costs $30.