Salem Park Pond

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We are always looking for a good birding spot and today we visited Salem Park Pond. Don’t get this tiny wetland area confused with the big Salem Pond. This pond is located in a neighborhood that is currently being built so we are worried that it might not be there the next time we try to visit. We visited in the fall and saw lots of ducks and coots. We read online that there are usually sandhill cranes hanging around, but we didn’t see any. Hopefully in the spring.

Take exit #253 (Benjamin/UT-164). Head east about 1 3/4 miles. Turn right after Circle V Meats onto Arrowhead Trail Road. Turn right onto Mill Road. Then take a right onto Salem Park Circle and you’ll be in the Salem Park neighborhood. If you see brightly colored houses, you are in the right place. The pond is down at the end of the street.

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  1. Jen Fitzgerald

    I just came across your article today. I’m not sure if you’ve tried to get back to this spot. If not, I have good news, it is still here! We live in the home directly across the street from where you took this photo! We love that we have this same view and it will never be impeded by a home! The rest of the wetlands are still here too, with a few minor improvements. A small park, walking trails, and a cute footbridge. The Sandhill cranes still live here too – they are quite loud in the wetlands on the other side of our house. Haha!