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Yuba Lake State Park

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2021)

Yuba Lake State Park is one of Utah’s water recreation parks. We stopped to visit Yuba after visiting the Territorial Statehouse in Fillmore. We went to one of the two beaches that this park hosts. You can drive right down to the North beach, but make sure to keep moving through a few sandy sections or you’ll be stuck.

View of Yuba Lake
Yuba Lake

The water was nice and the sand was super soft. It was the perfect depth for our little one year old to wander in and out of the water. Our older boys ventured out a little farther, but it looked like they would have to go pretty far before it got deep. There were other people there on waverunners and boats, and lots of people just playing on the beach. You can also drive over to West Beach which seemed less busy. There were lots of tables spread up and down the beach, and if you brought some shade, you could spend a long time at Yuba Lake.

The sand is really soft at Yuba Lake State Park.
The sand is really soft at Yuba.
cars drive right to the edge of yuba Lake
See how the cars drive right down the the beach? Not much of a walk to the water!

There is also a campground with showers and 2 cabins for rent. We definitely want to go back and try staying in the cabins. They have a junior ranger program as well, but you have to call ahead to see when the ranger will be around. We saw a rabbit, squirrels, and a few different types of birds. We only spent a few hours, but had a lot of fun!

kids playing in shallow water
The water is super shallow. Our one year old loved crawling, running,
splashing, pretty much everything about this beach.

Yuba is located off 1-15 at exit 202. Head east and follow the signs to the Yuba Lake state park. For updated info on the state park, visit their website.

Cabins with Yuba Lake in background
The cabins are in the Oasis campground. They have a great view, but there is kind of a steep edge on the lakeside.
Watch for signs to get to Yuba Lake.

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