Salt Creek Waterfall

We found a little piece of Heaven today in Juab County. A short, easy hike to a waterfall. We've heard that the Salt Creek Waterfall only flows until the Fourth of July, so let us know in the comments what the flow was like and the date you hike this one.…


Dugway Geode Beds

We recently took a day trip to the Dugway Geode Beds. It is a long, dusty drive on dirt roads, but our boys loved the experience and easily found dozens of geodes. Best of all, we paired this trip with Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge and saw over 50 species of…


JC Mickelson’s Restaurant

As part of our series of best restaurants in each Utah county, we stopped by JC Mickelson's in Nephi. You've seen the signs for this restaurant on the freeway. They have a lot of huge billboards, particularly in Utah County, which tell you to eat some peanuts and keep driving to…


Nephi DUP

I have a lot of family from Nephi, Utah, and many of the pioneers that settled the place belong to me. So I've had the Nephi DUP Museum on my list for quite awhile. Last week we took the trip before school is back in session (the museum is open from…


Hike the J for Juab

The Juab J is easily visible from I-15 as you pass the middle Nephi exit. It faces southwest on the east side of the freeway just north of the canyon.   As far as we could tell, it is unhikable. Google maps shows several trails leading to the J, but all…

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The sand is really soft at Yuba.

Yuba Lake State Park

Yuba Lake State Park is one of Utah's water recreation parks. We stopped to visit Yuba after visiting the Territorial Statehouse in Fillmore. We went to one of the two beaches that this park hosts. You can drive right down to the North beach, but make sure to keep moving through…

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