Heritage Park in Cedar Hills

Heritage Park in Cedar Hills is undergoing some renovations. We stopped by to check out the new playground and bridges. There is still some construction going on around the park, but the playground is accessible, as well as the restrooms and grassy ares. We really love all of the huge shade trees at this park.

Walking across the bridge to the playground is a little magical.


The play area at Heritage Park in Cedar Hills is brand new in 2023. And it has moved to a new spot in the park. The playground is set up on a hill! There is a huge slide that my boys said was really fast, so they loved it. The majority of the play area is climbing stuff as you work your way up the hill. There are a few swings, and a smaller slide behind the bigger play area.

Heritage Park has a new playground.
In order to get to the slide, you have to climb.
There are a few different types of swings and a small slide.

The highlight of this park is the toddler play area. It has a lot of fun stuff inside of it, and it is fenced all on its own. I always love when there is a place for young kids to play away from larger kids who might bump into them.

The toddler area has a lot of toys.


The best part of Heritage Park is a small creek running through the park. It is about ankle deep on my 4 year-old and safe enough to play in. The water was moving, so you could lose a toy downstream, but it wasn’t fast enough to worry about. It was also freezing, but that didn’t stop my adventurous boys from playing in the creek for about an hour. The bottom of the creek is lined with rocks, so there was plenty of rock throwing. One of our friends had brought some water guns which provided lots of entertainment, and I made a note to take some next time we went. We will definitely visit this park again with water guns and swimsuits! Make sure to keep an eye on your kids even in this shallow water.

When we visited in September, there was no water flowing, but I am hoping after the construction ends the creek will be back. We will go check it out next summer to make sure.

There are little bridges that cross the creek.
There are little bridges that cross the creek.
Our 4 year-old in the water. See how it's just up to his ankles?
Our 4 year-old in the water. See how it’s just up to his ankles?
Our 7 year-old ran back and forth until his feet adjusted to the cold water.
Our 7 year-old ran back and forth until his feet adjusted to the cold water.
The current state of the river. You can see the walking trail, too.

Other Amenities

Heritage Park in Cedar Hills has a lot of grass and a lot of shade around the playground. There are bathrooms at the top of the playground, and also next to the pavilion. The city has added a new pavilion, so now there are two different pavilions. There is a nice walking path through the park that must connect because we saw some bikers riding by. We just like to walk on the bridges. There is a brand new basketball court with different heights for the hoops.

Heritage Park in Cedar Hill pavilion
This pavilion is still there, but there are new ones being built.
The new pavilion is built, but not tables yet.
The basketball court is at the top by the bathrooms and swings.


Heritage Park is located at 4425 W. Cedar Hills Drive in Cedar Hills. If you can find Lone Peak High, then you can find this park. Take North County Blvd (aka 1100 North in American Fork or 2000 W in Pleasant Grove or 4800 W in Highland) north toward Highland/Alpine or if you are coming from the Alpine Highway, head south. Head east on Cedar Hills Drive (you’ll see a Wal-Mart). The park is about 1/2 mile on your right.

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  1. NicoleM

    We love love this park for the creek and the shade. My two girls love splash pads but for some reason this simple creek keeps their attention much longer, and it’s rarely busy. Have you ever followed the trail that goes through it across the road? It winds through some woods along the creek and is nice and cool because there is so much shade. I think it ultimately meets up with a trail to American Fork Canyon.