Wardle Fields Regional Park and Splash Pad

Waddle Fields Regional Park is a new park that opened up in Bluffdale this year. It is massive! There are a ton of different activities to keep kids of all ages busy, but this park is very busy. Be prepared for a lot of crowds, and it is difficult to keep an eye on all the kids. We will tell you how we handled that below.


We started by playing at the playground. There is an area for smaller children ages 2-5 with toddler toys and slides. Our boys headed straight for the spinning pyramid. There is a top pyramid that spins and they were in heaven. If your kids don’t like to spin, there is also a pyramid to climb (no spinning involved). This playground area also has a huge tower with three different slides coming out.

Our boys ran right past these toys, but there are some pretty fun toys for the toddlers.
The spinning pyramid was pretty amazing!
This huge tower of slides is hard to miss, and there was a line to go down the very top one.
This is the climbing pyramid that does not spin.

Right next to the playground area is a Zipline. There are two different lines to ride, but they both do the same thing. On the other side of the playground is a small sandbox that you can pump water into. The little kids enjoyed this area. There are also pavilions, pickle ball courts, basketball courts, grassy areas, and bathrooms at this park.

The Zipline was fun, but nothing too fancy.
This is a great area for the smaller kids to enjoy some water, but it’s a lot like a beach. Sand everywhere!

The highlight of Wardle Fields Regional Park is definitely the splash pad. It is very large with lots of different water activities going on. There is a river that runs through most of the splash pad area where your kids can race flip-flops or sticks like our boys did. We loved all the different types of  sprayers at this splash pad. There were some that just misted, others that shot like arcs over the river, and some that shot a lot of water where you could get drenched. We especially enjoyed the waterfall. You can walk behind the waterfall or right through it. Our boys thought this was amazing.

This is the splash pad area. You can see how busy it is, and also how huge it is.
There are sprayers all over the splash pad, so be careful where you stand.
It was nice to cool off in the water (which was frigid) on a hot summer day.
Some kids tried to stay behind the waterfall and not get wet.
Our boys kept going through the waterfall!
This river area winds through the whole splash pad. I kept my feet cool by standing in the river while my kids played.

We spent a few hours playing. We played at the playground first, and then changed into swimsuits to play at the splash pad. Most of the kids were running back and forth between both areas. The playground has a smooth, cushioned flooring so water doesn’t seem to matter. The only area with bark is the Zipline. The ground was hot at the playground, so be careful.

The playground covering does get warm in the afternoon sun. We were glad we had shoes on.

There isn’t a lot of shade. Most people had brought shade tents or pavilions and set up an area for their family. Make sure to wear sunscreen and hats if you will be out in the sun for a long time.


These large parks make us a little nervous when we can’t keep a close eye on our young kids, so we came up with a plan that worked well for our boys. We picked a spot that was a meeting place (we had a pole under the slide for one of our meeting spots). Then we told the boys that if they couldn’t see us, they should come wait at the meeting place. With two parents, we were able to watch the boys pretty closely, but our youngest boy went to the meeting spot quite a few times when he couldn’t see us after running through the playground. We kept one eye on that meeting spot and when we saw him there, we met up with him and made sure all was okay. It seemed to work well for us, so we wanted to share in case it could help others keep track of the kids.


Wardle Fields Regional Park is definitely worth a visit. It was a lot of fun, and there were lots of parents out playing with their children. We love to see families playing together. This park is located just south of Bangerter Highway in Bluffdale at 14148 South 2700 West. There are some other great parks in Salt Lake County like Lodestone Park in West Jordan or Wild West Park in South Jordan.

Wardle Fields Regional Park is fun for everyone!

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