Furniture Draw Hike

Furniture Draw is a slot canyon hike located in Emery County. The hike is fairly short, easy, and can be hiked from either the top or bottom or done as a shuttle hike.

Hike Info

  • Rating: Easy
  • Distance: 2.5 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: less than 50 feet
  • Fees: None
  • Tips: This hike is mostly in the open, so take lots of water. Go early or late in the day to avoid the hot sun overhead.

We started this hike from the Buckhorn Wash Road. This dirt road has many amazing things to see including a dinosaur track, historical bridge, and a stunning pictograph panel. Furniture Draw can be found about 1.4 miles down Buckhorn Wash Road if you start at the north end near the Wedge, or at 26.8 miles if you start from the 1-70. There is a small dirt road on the East side of the road.

This is where you park.

We drove down the short dirt road and parked just outside the fence. (Vehicles are prohibited beyond the fence.) The hike is rocky, but fairly flat. For the first half mile we walked through a fairly narrow canyon, which wouldn’t really be classified as a slot. This portion of the hike follows a mostly dry streambed. The trail is easy to identify, and you couldn’t really get lost.

The hike starts right down this wide trail, but it will soon get rocky.
The trail is wide at first, but it narrows as you continue on.
There are lots of cool rock formations to see. Look at the layers in that rock. You can see how rocky the trail gets.

The second half of the hike (about 3/4 mile) narrows down into what most people would consider a slot canyon. Though the walls in Furniture Draw are not very high, the trail is still really beautiful. There are areas of layered rock with amazing striped colors. There were even a few places that were retaining water or at least muddy. Though none of these obstacles hindered us, at a wetter time of year, this hike may require you to wet your toes a little.

Soon you will see where Furniture Draw begins to narrow into more of a slot canyon.
We really enjoyed walking through the rocks. The walls are so interesting.
It doesn’t narrow as much as some slot canyons, but it is still fun.
Furniture Draw is beautiful.
In the narrowest area, we ran into a little water. It was easy to get around, but be prepared for wet feet in case of deeper water.
After the water, we came out into the open again. Our boys enjoyed leaping across this crossing here.
The hike mostly opens up after that narrow part.

We decided to turn around where a large rock blocked the canyon. Climbing over this obstacle should take you out the top of the canyon to the road above. We recommend hiking this hike bottom to top (as described) so that you can hike downhill on the way out, even though it isn’t really very steep. Also, be prepared for desert conditions as the hike is only partially shaded in the morning and evening. Enjoy!

The canyon narrows a little bit after you are out in the open, but not too much.
This is where we turned around.
Then you head back the way you came. Furniture Draw was a beautiful easy hike.


Furniture Draw is located along the Buckhorn Wash road. This road is a well maintained dirt road. It is found in Emery County. There are two ways to access this road.

From State Road 10 near Castle Dale: Take the Green River Cutoff Road (County Road 401) toward the Wedge Overlook. Go past the Wedge Overlook and take the turn off for the Buckhorn Wash/ Cottonwood Wash Road). Begin using your odometer when you turn here. Furniture Draw is on a dirt road found at 1.4 miles down the road on the East (left) side of the road.

From 1-70: Take exit 131. Turn right (North) and keep right as the road curves back to run parallel to the freeway for a bit. Follow this dirt road for 26.8 miles and then turn East (right) onto a small dirt road that leads to the Furniture Draw hike.


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  1. Kalli

    I love your site! Our family of 5 has done multiple hikes based on your recommendation. Slot canyons are always such a hit with the kids! Have you ever considered posting GPS coordinates with your directions?

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thanks for the suggestion. Honestly, we have never used GPS coordinates before, so I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that. Do you have suggestions or tips on how we could best get started on posting GPS coordinates? We are a little behind the times. 😉 I would love to post them if it would help our readers.