Christian Pond Hike | Grand Teton

Christian Pond is a short hike in Grand Teton National Park that starts at Colter Bay. It leads to a nice marshy pond that was full of waterfowl when we visited.

The trail to Christian Pond starts at the horse corral, and the horses do follow it for the first quarter mile, so make sure you watch where you step as you begin your adventure. The trail crosses under the highway and there is some great moose habitat as you walk along. We saw a small group of four snakes having a meeting right on the trail, too. 

Start by the horse corral. Walk around to the back to find the trail sign.
Follow the sign and the trail goes under the highway.
You’ll walk right under the highway overpass.

After about a quarter mile the trail turns right away from the horse trail. It walks down through a small marshy area and then begins to climb. It isn’t steep, and in fact, the elevation gain is pretty negligible on this hike. Our three-year old handled it just fine.

The trail gets narrower after you branch off the horse trail.
It is fairly flat the entire way, but there is limited shade.
Make sure to look back at the views of the Tetons.

The trail only runs about another third of a mile before the ponds come in view. They are spread before you in a wide marsh along the left side of the trail. You can’t really get down near the ponds, but they are only a stones throw away if you’ve got a pretty good arm. The trail continues up a steep hill and over toward Two Ocean Lake, but that makes the hike quite long.

Christian Pond is a pretty little spot.
You can follow the trail all the way to Two Oceans Lake, but that is a long hike. We turned around at Christian Pond.

This is a great little hike to add to your adventure at Colter Bay. Christian Pond is only 1.2 miles RT. It is appropriate for all ages and there is a good chance of spotting some wildlife. For other family friendly hikes, visit our Grand Teton Easy hikes list.

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