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If you read our Easy Waterfall Hikes in Utah post, you know that we love finding a beautiful waterfall in Utah. We have found quite a few more waterfalls to share, but these waterfalls fall in a slightly more difficult category. We are going to label these hikes moderate because they are longer and steeper.

We took our boys (10, 7, and 4) on all of these hikes, so they are still kid-friendly. Our boys do a lot of hiking, so these are not beginner hikes. We will continue to add to this list as we find new waterfall hikes in Utah. Click on the links for directions and more details about each individual hike.

Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls is a popular hike, so plan on sharing the trail, and pictures with lots of other hikers. We love the trail to Stewart Falls as it meanders through the trees, and ends at this amazing waterfall. This hike is about 4.0 miles roundtrip which equals moderate status in our book. You can climb down to the base of the falls and play in the water here on warm days.

Timpanogos Falls

Timpanogos Falls begins in the same spot as Stewart Falls, but it follows the Mount Timpanogos Trail up the mountainside. This trail climbs up for the entire 1.0 mile to the falls (earning this hike moderate status), but the best part is that there are two waterfalls. Just 10 minutes past this waterfall, you will find the 2nd waterfall. We enjoyed hiking to both of these falls, all the snow in late May, and the hike back down the mountain was lovely.

Scout Falls

Scout Falls is also near Mount Timpanogos along the Alpine Highway. The waterfall is a little smaller, but it beautiful, and we love all the green moss surrounding the falls. The hike is about 3.0 miles round trip with some stream crossing, rocky spots, and a few steep drop offs. Therefore we had to give Scout Falls moderate statue.  This hike was beautiful in the Fall.

Stairs Gulch

Stairs Gulch is a unique waterfall hike because it doesn’t end at a specific location. As you follow the water next to the trail, you can explore different paths to find small cascades or fun places to throw rocks. We did this hike in the Fall and the leaves were beautiful. Stairs Gulch is found in Big Cottonwood Canyon, so you can pair this with Hidden Falls mentioned in our Easy Waterfalls list. You can hike as short or long as you’d like, but we hiked about 1.3 miles round trip. We have stuck this hike in our moderate list because it is a climb as you hike, and there is also a lot of exploring involved on this trail.

Bullion Falls

Bullion Fall is an impressive waterfall, but it is a little trickier to find. It’s located in Marysvale, which is in the middle of nowhere in Piute County. We stopped here on the way home from Bryce Canyon, and we were glad we did. This hike is steep, and has some rocky sections, but is only 2.0 miles roundtrip. We could not climb down to the base of the falls because it was too difficult for even Mom, but we were able to enjoy the view from above.

Kanarraville Falls

Kanarraville Falls is a very popular hike in Utah, but it is not an easy hike. It’s a little over 4 miles round trip, and it walks through the river most of the way. There are also slippery ladders to climb, but this also makes the hike very fun and adventurous. The slot canyons here are beautiful, and it is one of our favorite hikes. We are glad we waited until our boys were older to attempt this one (12, 9, 6).

Lower Calf Creek Falls

Lower Calf Creek Falls is located near Escalante. This trail is very popular, and ends at an amazing 126 foot waterfall. The trail is flat and simple, but it is long. The roundtrip mileage of this hike is 6.0 miles. If you go in summer, you can hop into the pool at the bottom of the falls to cool off, but the trail will be extremely hot to get there. We enjoyed this hike, and make sure to take a trail guide for info at each numbered post along the way.

Gloria Falls

Gloria Fall is a stunning waterfall in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The trail to this waterfall is shady and uphill the entire way. It also requires a little bushwhacking alongside the river to get a good view of the falls. For these reasons, we rate this waterfall hike as moderate. The overall distance is only 2.3 miles, and the waterfall is definitely worth it.

Other Moderate Waterfalls on our list:
  • Adam’s Canyon Waterfall: the upper falls are 3.5 miles roundtrip with a big elevation gain, but we want to give this hike a try soon.
  • Upper Calf Creek is steep and only 2.2 miles roundtrip, and the trailhead is just a mile or two away from Lower Calf Creek Falls.
  • Horsetail Falls: located in Alpine, this hike is supposed to be steep and about 4.0 miles RT.

Let us know of any waterfalls that we have missed! And if you are looking for some beautiful waterfalls throughout the United States, check out this list of waterfalls where our Battle Creek Falls post was featured.

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  1. Steve Johnstun

    You should try Waterfall Canyon in Ogden. The trail starts at the top of 29th St. It is about 3 miles RT with an elevation gain of over 1,100 ft.