Timpanogos Cove Park

Timpanogos Cove Park

We found a fun new park this weekend. It’s called Timpanogos Cove Park (not cave, Cove). It’s a Cedar Hills city park, and as our 6 year-old said, “It’s right up in the mountains.”

What we liked about this park is the unique playground equipment. There is a really cool 3-story toy with 3 slides, 2 climbing walls, multiple ladders, and a caged in room on top. It’s probably more for the 4-11 crowd, but our 3 year old was able to manage and enjoyed it quite a bit.


Timpanogos Cove Park
There are lots of places to explore on this 3-story park.
There are 3 slides. The tall one was a little too tall for our three-year old.
The climbing wall was really fun for our oldest.

To get to the park, take Canyon Road up past Purple Turtle. After you pass Discovery Park and the temple road turn off in Manila, you’ll come to a street on the right called Cedar Heights Drive. Turn right and follow it to the left up around the bench. Take a right a few blocks down on a road called Timpanogos Cove Drive. The park is at the end of this road, so follow it right in. The play equipment is down the stairs.

There are also some really nice basketball hoops and a few covered pavilions, so bring along a picnic lunch! There is no shade, so wear sunscreen and hats, or bring your own shade!

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