Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove

Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove got a brand new rebuild in 2019. We went to visit the new park and see if we could love it as much as the old wood park that we really loved. The new playground is a ton of fun and should be on everyone’s visit list.

The new playground at Discovery Park.

New Playground

The new playground is built to look very similar to the old. We loved that they built things to look like the old volcano, rocket ship, and even the beehive benches. Even though some of the play set looked like the old playground, everything in this playground is new. There are also new places to climb and explore.

My kids were excited about all the monkey bars, and the volcano in the background.
The park looks similar to the old playground, but we love how new it is.
We were so glad to see the beehive bench from the old days.

There is a large area for kids ages 5 and up, and a smaller toddler area for kids 5 and under. The big kid area has tons of bridges, monkey bars, climbing spots, and much more. There is also a small maze with Eric Carle pictures that was a fun new edition. The toddler area has the beehive bench, a dinosaur, and a smaller rocket ship playground. We like that there are swings in each area, including two tire swings which are tons of fun.

There are lots of fun places to climb with rocks or on rock walls.
You will find slides all over the place, too.
We thought this little maze was super cute.
This is the toddler area playground.

One of the reasons we love Discovery Park is that it is a fun place to play as a family. We always end up playing hide and seek or family tag here. There is a lot of space to spread out, and there are so many different nooks and crannies for hiding. The new park does have a fence all the way around except by the front entrance and the bathrooms, so that makes it easier to keep everyone inside.

There are tons of places to climb on and off the playground.
So many great spots for hide and seek!

There is one tip we want to share about visiting Discover Park in Pleasant Grove. The ground cover is the new padded flooring which is great to help prevent injuries, but we felt like it reflected the heat and it made it super hot when we were there. So come prepared with lots of water, and try to visit in the morning or evening to avoid the summer heat.

My kids liked to use this area for cops and robbers, but it’s fun for playing pretend.

There are bathrooms, covered benches throughout the park for parents, and a small shaded area near the bathrooms where parents can hang out and watch kids. If you are looking for other amazing parks in Utah County, check out our Best Parks in Utah County list. Discovery Park obviously made the list. This park is amazing!

There are benches throughout the park, and most are covered for a little shade.
There is a shaded area with picnic tables.
Discovery Park is definitely worth visiting!


The address for Discovery Park (called Manilla Park on PG’s website) is 1550 N 100 E Pleasant Grove. I took the Pleasant Grove Blvd exit and headed east to the mountains. You will stay on this road all the way until you reach 100 E which is a light. Go North (turn left). The park is just a little bit down the road on the west side of the road.

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  1. angee

    We like this park, too. I agree about the “hide and seek” part. This is a good park for playing WITH your kids instead of watching. I love all the extras, like the music stuff!

    We haven’t been here in awhile. Thanx for the reminder!