Things to do near Tooele, Utah

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Tooele is only about 30 minutes west of Salt Lake City. We have enjoyed exploring out west all through Tooele County, which is quite large with lots of desert areas to explore. Here is our list of Things to do near Tooele.

We saw these beautiful wild horses out west near Tooele!

Tooele Valley Railroad Museum

This small museum is a fun stop for train lovers. There are trains outside, as well as historical artifacts inside. We happened to be there when they had miniature trains running, too, but those are only open on certain days. Free admission and open Memorial Day to Labor Day..

Tooele Pioneer Museum

This is one of our favorite pioneer museums in Utah. The Tooele Pioneer Museum is run by the Sons of the Pioneers, and they do a wonderful job. There are very interesting pioneer items inside, and our boys enjoyed learning about them. Free admission. Open Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Utah Firefighters Museum

The Utah Firefighters Museum is a great spot because it is full of old firetrucks. There are also old fire helmets and gear. There are a few larger trucks outside, but most are inside. Admission is free. Open Fridays and Saturdays.

Tooele Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum

Next door to the Tooele Pioneer Museum is the DUP Museum of Tooele. The best part was when our boys were allowed to ring the school bell that still works. This museum has tons of history inside, including a piano that was brought across the plains. Free admission. Open Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Ophir Historic Site

We love visiting ghost towns and Ophir is set up quite well. The buildings look just like the old town that used to be here. On certain days, you can find the buildings open, too. Free admission.

Benson Grist Mill

Benson Grist Mill is a small historic village outside of Tooele. The village has great volunteers and a scavenger hunt for kids. We enjoyed learning about the history of the old mill. Free admission.

Dark Trail in Settlement Canyon

We found a beautiful trail in Settlement Canyon in Tooele. Dark Trail is easy and walks through the trees along the mountainside. You can hike as far as you’d like, so it is perfect for everyone. We went in early March, but we imagine this is a great fall trail.

Wonderstone Quarry

A little south of Tooele, past the town of Vernon, there is a great rock hounding spot where you can find Wonderstone. This type of stone is striped and colorful. There are pieces all over to pick up, or you can bring a small shovel and bucket to dig deeper for larger pieces.

Horseshoe Springs Wildlife Management Area

Horseshoe Springs is west of Tooele and Grantsville, but it has a fun little trail along the springs, which are really shaped like a horseshoe. You can also put your feet in the water and splash a bit. We spent a few hours wading and walking. Next time we want to try fishing.

Bonneville Salt Flats

The Bonneville Shoreline Flats are a stop right off the 1-80 out west toward Wendover. They are beautiful and seem to extend forever. You can walk right on the crusty, salty ground and explore as much as you want.

Dugway Geode Beds

If you are looking for a truly adventurous outing, you can venture out to the Dugway Geode Beds. You can dig and search for your own geodes, but the road out here is rough. It is 50 miles of dirt roads and many people have trouble with flat tires or other car problems, so be prepared if you head out here. (This is technically in Juab County.)

Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge

Just a few minutes past the Dugway Geode Beds is Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge. This was one of our favorite wildlife refuges and we wish it wasn’t such a difficult drive. There are trails to explore and lots of ponds filled with waterbirds.

Dairy Delight

If you are in Tooele, our favorite spot to eat is Dairy Delight. This is a delicious local restaurant and you have to get the Buffalo Fries. They were so good! They have lots of different meals, so it’s great for families. We also like Chubby’s, which originated in Lindon, but now has a restaurant in Tooele.

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  1. Jessica Mendoza

    is this all doable in one day? I want to visit the salt flats but I want to do something else, not just drive all the way for the salt flats.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We did a lot of these places in one day. The museums we did at a separate time, and most of them are not open during the winter/covid. I think you could fit a lot into an adventure out west if you visit the Salt Flats.