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There is a new park in Highland, Utah, and it is the mother of all parks! Mountain Ridge Park in Highland is huge and the playground is full of activities for all ages and abilities. We played for quite awhile, and our kids wanted to stay even longer. We can’t wait to go back and enjoy this park again (hopefully, when it’s a little less busy).

So many kids at this new park.

Playground Area

Mountain Ridge Park has a large playground area. There are three main focuses of the playground. The first is a large dome at the top of a climbing pyramid. Kids can climb to the top and then slide down the massive silver slide. This is great for older kids, and my 11- and 14-year-olds thought it was a ton of fun.

The large dome sits at the top of the climbing pyramid.
Once at the top, you have to climb down or slide down.

The second focus is a huge climbing playground. There are two large towers for kids to climb and explore in and lots of slides coming off different areas of the playground. Our boys spent a long time exploring in this area and attempting to climb in all the different ways.

These huge climbing towers offer lots of opportunity to climb.
There are lots of slides on these big towers, too.

The third play area is a circular climbing area similar to Vineyard Grove park. Children can climb up the spiral area, and also play on different toys underneath. It is a unique feature at the playground since not many parks have this type of equipment. There is so much to do at this park you could easily spend a few hours.

This large climbing structure is very unique.
There are things to do on top and bottom of this playground equipment.

Around these three large playgrounds, there are lots of smaller toys and things to try. There are slides on hills, ziplines, swings, and spinning toys. Mountain Ridge Park in Highland has a ton of places to play.

Since this playground is so big, it was hard to keep track of our kids and they are old! They can climb and run all over and you won’t always be able to see them. So if this is something that worries you, we want to give you fair warning now.

There are slides and toys all over between the main areas.
There was so much to do..

Toddler Area

There is a toddler area with a smaller playground. It isn’t super large, but small kids will enjoy having their own place to play. The playground has quite a few small slides, and there is a small teeter toter nearby, too. Most toddlers were enjoying the ziplines.

This is the toddler area.
There are swings on both sides of the park.

All Abilities Area

Mountain Ridge Park was built for all abilities. The flooring is cushy and easily maneuvered by wheels. They have some playground toys that are made for wheelchairs including a swing and a rocking boat toy. There are adaptive swings and a spinning toy, as well. This park was designed for everyone to have some fun playing.

This park is an all abilities park.
There are a few different toys made for all-abilities.

Other Amenities

There are 8 pickleball courts and a basketball court at Mountain Ridge Park in Highland. There are restrooms at this park, as well as two pavilions. The park has space for soccer fields, a baseball field, a walking path, and other play areas. These are not currently open and are dependent on funding.

Mountain Ridge Park is massive with tons to do!

We absolutely loved this new park and are so excited to share it with you. We know your family will love Mountain Ridge Park in Highland, and we are adding it to our Best Parks in Utah County list.

Address: 10400 N 5600 W HIGHLAND, UT

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