Things to do Near Capitol Reef National Park

On our recent trip to Capitol Reef we found quite a few fun things to do near this Utah National Park. We love finding unique spots in Utah that are a little less traveled, and the area around Capitol Reef fits that description. So here is our list of Things to do Near Capitol Reef National Park.

Goblin Valley

This spot is the busiest on our list, but it is such a fun state park, that we usually pair Goblin Valley and Capitol Reef together. You can camp or just visit for the day. Our boys love exploring and playing games among all the hoodoos. Make sure to add this to your list.

Little Wild Horse Canyon

little wild horse canyon

This is another popular spot, but if you hike in the morning you should miss most of the crowds. This slot canyon is beautiful and very family friendly. We love that you can hike as far as you want and then turn around and head back to the car.

Wild Horse Window

There was another family hiking Wildhorse Window, so we got a rare family photo.

Located near Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon and Goblin Valley, this arch is a neat little hike. It is a steep climb up the slick rock, but you will love the huge alcove where the arch is found. And there won’t be very many people on the trail.

Circle Cliff Ranch Alpaca Farm

Schedule a personal visit to the Circle Cliff Ranch Alpaca Farm. This little farm is located right outside of Capitol Reef, and the owners are amazing. They taught us about alpacas and let our boys feed them and play farmer for a little bit. This was one of our favorite stops on our trip.

Temple of the Sun and Moon (and Glass Mountain)

These amazing rock features are technically in Capitol Reef National Park, but they are often overlooked because they are 16 miles off the main road. Driving down this dirt road was a fun adventure, and we enjoyed Glass Mountain almost as much as the large rock temples.

Dutchman Arch

Dutchman Arch is located off the 1-70 and has about 10 miles of dirt road driving, but you are rewarded with a spectacular stand alone arch that you can walk right on top of. We loved this stop on our trip to Capitol Reef.

Anasazi State Park

This state park is located in Boulder along scenic Highway 12, and is only about 50 minutes from Capitol Reef. It is a small historical state park, but our boys enjoyed seeing the ruins and participating in the Junior Ranger Program. If you head down this way, you might consider doing some adventures in Escalante.

Buckhorn Wash Road

Buckhorn Wash Road

This road is a little bit further away from Capitol Reef, but if you are heading down from Northern Utah, it is a great way to travel down. There are lots of amazing stops including a huge pictograph panel. You can also visit the Wedge which has beautiful views.


If you are looking for a great restaurant near Capitol Reef, we recommend Slacker’s in Torrey. They have great burgers and ice cream. If you explore a little further out, Tamarisk Restaurant in Green River has a lot of choices and was delicious.



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