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If you are ever in Hanksville, make sure to stop off for lunch at Stan’s Burger Shak. If you are wondering where Hanksville is, it’s in Wayne County, and you can actually buy a shirt that says, “Where the hell is Hanksville?” so you are not alone. When visiting Goblin Valley, Capitol Reef, or Bullfrog Marina at Lake Powell, this burger spot is a great lunch break.

Stan’s Burger Shak was started by a husband and wife team back in the 1980’s. Eventually Stan and his wife sold the restaurant to their son, whose family still runs it today. Stan’s is on the south end of town just past the Hollow Mountain gas station.

Stan’s Burger Shak is next to a gas station and gift shop.
There is a lot of seating.
We loved the decorations of local spots.

The burgers at Stan’s were huge! The buns were big and fluffy, and the patties were quarter pounders, so there was plenty of food. There were lots of choices on the menu: salads, wraps, burgers, sandwiches, and more. Our kids loved their kids’ meals and the prices were very reasonable. They also have amazing shakes. Grasshopper (mint oreo) and fudge were our favorites. The fries were really good, too. Of course, they have fry sauce as well. 

The burgers and sandwiches were huge!
The chicken burger was a winner!
The shakes were delicious.
We were surprised at the large menu.
Our kids enjoyed the fries.

We love family-owned restaurants, and burger shacks are our favorite. Stan’s Burger Shak is the perfect stop when you’re leaving or arriving at Lake Powell! Check out our post on Best Restaurants in Every County for all your adventures.

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