Things to do Near Capitol Reef National Park

On our recent trip to Capitol Reef we found quite a few fun things to do near this Utah National Park. We love finding unique spots in Utah that are a little less traveled, and the area around Capitol Reef fits that description. So here is our list of Things to…


Buckhorn Wash Road

Utah is such an amazing place! One of our favorite areas is the San Rafael Swell. This feature is unique and gives us so many great hikes and playlands like Goblin Valley. We took a tour through the San Rafael Swell using this guide (primarily page 20-21), which was created by…

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So, what do you think it is?

Black Dragon Wash Pictograph

A short flat hike along a rocky draw is all it takes to see the Black Dragon Wash Pictograph. It's a really pretty piece of art that dates back to over a thousand years ago. The Black Dragon was found in 1928, and researchers no longer believe it is a dragon…


The Wedge Overlook

We'd never heard of the Wedge Overlook in Emery County. But we found it to be one of the most stunning panoramas we've ever seen! This remote area in the San Rafael Swell may take some effort to get to, but there is nice camping and a great view. The Wedge…


Dutchman Arch

How adventurous are you? I mean truly, how far out of the way would you go for adventure? We found an awesome arch that can be seen from I-70 as you whiz past at 80 miles per hour. It is called Dutchman Arch (sometimes Dutchman's Arch), and if you'd like to…


Furniture Draw Hike

Furniture Draw is a slot canyon hike located in Emery County. The hike is fairly short, easy, and can be hiked from either the top or bottom or done as a shuttle hike. Hike Info Rating: Easy Distance: 2.5 miles roundtrip Elevation Gain: less than 50 feet Fees: None Tips: This…