Magna Regional Park

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Magna Regional Park is a HUGE new park out west of Salt Lake City. This park has something for all ages! We were impressed with the amount of space at the playground, and they are still adding to this park, so there is more to come. We are excited to add this to our Best Parks in Salt Lake County list.

Magna Regional Park is awesome!


The playground at Magna Regional Park has lots of fun places to play. There are swings, slides on the hillside, and a tall 3 story playground. The playground is also connected to a large climbing area. This climbing area had some unique things like its own rock climbing wall.

The playground is so tall and has big slides.
We loved how the climbing structure had a lot of different ways to climb inside and out.
All of our kids found fun things to do at this park.
There are separate slides on the hillside.

The area around the playground had some unique parkour type activities. Our boys were excited to try them out, but remember to be careful. We also like that everything was spread out, so there was lots of open space around the playground toys. There was even a zipline, which has become a popular playground activity.

Everyone loves climbing on this large rock.
This moving walkway was a big hit with our boys. They have never seen anything like this before.
Our boys always ride the ziplines.

Toddler Playground

There was a completely separate toddler playground, and they did not scrimp on the toy for the littles. This area has its own smaller playground with plenty of climbing toys, as well as a slide coming down from the wall. The toddler area features a large sand play area, and its own set of swings.

If you have younger children, this is a great spot because you can let your toddlers play, and hopefully the older kids will be on the other parts of the playground.

The toddler area is full of stuff for young kids.
I love that they can slide down into the play area from up above.
Sandpits are nice.

Splash Pad

The splash pad at Magna Regional Park is spread out over a large area. There are a lot of unique water features in this splash pad. We enjoyed the big double waterfall. The boys ran through it a bunch of times. One end of the splash pad has some big sprayers and then a river runs from one end to the other. There are little sprayers along the edge of the river.

This large waterfall was a hit!
There were plenty of spots to get wet.
The waterfall came down on both sides.

The other end of the splash pad has some rocks that spray water. Our boys wandered through and enjoyed splashing. There are also some interesting misters. They looked like steam coming from the ground, and our boys were very curious about them. Another unique toy was a musical part of the splash pad. When the kids stepped on certain spots, it played a tune. The splash pad was a lot of fun, and a great place to get wet.

The large rock sprayers are unique.
The misters look like a volcano steaming.
We enjoyed making music with this toy.


There are two large pavilions with picnic tables. Magna Regional Park also has nice restrooms, drinking fountains, and a water bottle filling station. There is also lots of grass to play on, too.

We had a great time playing at Magna Regional Park. My teenage boys had a lot of fun, which definitely tells you how great this park is. They are planning to add more to this park, including ball fields and walking paths. Make the drive to Magna to check it out. If you are in the area, you can also visit these other fun adventures:

Magna Regional Park is a great place to wear your kids out.

Magna Regional Park is located at 4042 S 7200 W in Magna, Utah.

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