Ricochet Canyon at Gardner Village

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Our friends at the Train Shoppe have created a small amusement park! Ricochet Canyon at Gardner Village is a new family adventure that is worth checking out. This adventure is especially great for young kids.

Play Area

There is a large area with yard games and a bounce house. Our boys especially love the axe throwing. Don’t worry, it’s just velcro. Our kids were a little bit too big for the western themed bounce house, but it looked like a ton of fun for smaller children. There was also a small slide inside of a witch hat that the boys weren’t too big for.

The axe throwing is super fun.
The little witch slide is cute.
The bounce house looks just like a scene from the Old West.
Make sure to check out this little village over by the roller coaster.


The highlights of Ricochet Canyon are the small amusement park rides. There are only three set up right now, but there will be more soon. There is a small train that follows a track through some decorations. This ride is slow and simple. For small children, there are some small hand train carts to ride (we were all too big for this activity). The best ride is the small historic roller coaster from the 1950s. It was a great ride even for the adults, but small enough for kids, too. We had a blast on the coaster. The rides are a separate cost from admission to the play area.

This is the slow train ride.
It was fun all decked out for Halloween.
The little handcart rail looked really fun for young kids.
The roller coaster ride was our favorite!

Train Ride

A separate train ride starts over by The Train Shoppe in Gardner Village. This ride takes you around the parking areas and is perfect for train lovers. The little train has some fun Halloween jokes as you ride, some of which our kids didn’t get, but at least the adults enjoyed them!

The ride was very fun!

Ricochet Canyon at Gardner Village is still expanding. By next summer there will be 3 more rides, a snack shop, and an old train car decked out for birthday parties. We are so excited to see what else arrives. For now, Ricochet Canyon will be open through October for everyone to check out when visiting the Witches at Gardner Village. Check their website for current prices and hours. They had a bundle when we visited in 2021 for $10 you get admission to Ricochet Canyon, 3 rides, and the train ride.

Make sure to check out the park at night, too!
There are lots of Halloween lights during October.

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  1. Clinton

    Does the slow moving train still go through a mine/tunnel ? My boys and I had the joy of riding that when they were still in the their old location.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      There are a few small tunnels, but not the same things as going through the mine.