Rooftop Halloween Display

We found a new favorite Halloween display that has been around for almost 30 years. This Rooftop Halloween Display is a little different than the usual houses with flashing lights and their own radio frequency. Instead, there are massive moving pictures on the roof of the house.

These massive motifs are cut out of steel and handpainted to represent fun Halloween scenes. Each of the cutouts is very family-friendly, more on the silly side than the scary side. In addition, there are motorized parts that move and blink, which our boys loved. Their favorite was the vampire rising from the coffin, but Dad liked the reclining Frankenstein creature.

We had a lot of fun watching these moving cutouts.
Our boys really liked the fire in the castle.

Make sure to get out of the car and read the sign that the creator has posted in front of his house. He describes the design process and answers a lot of questions like: Does your power bill go way up in October? (No) and Why is the display on the roof? (More easily viewed and avoids vandalism). You can see part of the sign in the picture below.

There is a lot of interesting info on the sign, so make sure to read it.
We really enjoyed the frequently asked questions section.


This Halloween stop is an awesome spectacle just 5 minutes off the 1-15. To find it, take the 7200 exit west until you get to 1300 West. Turn right and go about half a mile to Hawksbill Drive and go left. The house is right on the corner as you turn on to Hawksbill. It is very well lit and there is a sign if you are coming from the north. The address is 1324 W. Hawksbill Dr (6580 S). The display runs from 7-10 pm every night in October.

Make sure to stop by this awesome Halloween display in October! You can also stop at the Bates Haunt Halloween light display. It’s only a 5 minute drive and the entire house is covered in a projection of Halloween images!

You can watch for this sign on the corner of 1300 W and Hawksbill Dr.

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