Christmas in Color

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Christmas in Color
There are a TON of lights!

Holdman Lights has put on lots of great light displays over the years throughout Utah. We have visited his displays at his home, his parents’ home, the Valley Fair Mall, and Christensen & Hymas Law Firm. Now he has a new display called Christmas in Color. Christmas in Color is held at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Grounds in South Jordan and it is one of the brightest light displays in Utah.

Christmas in Color has so many fun light displays.

This Christmas light display is big. It’s about a mile long as you drive through the lights and one of the best part about this display is that the lights are are set to music. So the lights dance to the beat as you drive the route. We also love that the lights change colors–it adds some really cool effects to see the light fade in and out of different hues. We enjoyed the setup at this location with the big long aisles to drive through. It made the colors look especially impressive.

When you pull up, the lights will blow you away.
The arrangement in long rows really helps the display look amazing.
We loved driving through these lights.

There are huge trees made out of lights that stand out in this display with all their colors changing. We were huge fans of one particular Christmas tree that morphed colors in a very unique way. The Christmas trees often change patterns, too. Our boys really loved the singing light bulbs and snowmen. We had to slow down to get a good look everytime it was a song where they were singing.

The trees change colors and patterns.
There are a lot of trees to watch!

The best part about this Christmas in Color is the tunnels. Our boys LOVED driving through the tunnels of lights. There are many different tunnels and they are all unique, and amazing. They were definitely the highlight of the trip.

The tunnels are so fun. Ours boys get so excited every single time we drive through a tunnel.
This tunnel does lots of fun things like saying, “Ho, Ho, Ho”, or showing snowflakes.

It’s $35/car, which is pretty steep for Christmas lights, but it did take us about 30 minutes to drive through. So you’ll have to decide if this activity fits into your budget. We think it is worth it!! Don’t forget to use our code “UTAdventureFam15” to save 15% off tickets.

You will love Christmas in Color.

The light show can get really busy, especially the closer you get to Christmas. Earlier is always better if you can make it work in your schedule (earlier in the month and earlier in the evening). Buying tickets ahead of time on Christmas in Color’s website is also helpful.


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