Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center Pool | Chomper’s Cove

This pool is the perfect spot for families to cool off in the summer and the winter. The Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center has indoor and outdoor pools, and there are activities for young kids, as well as teenagers. During the summer, they open the outdoor water area called Chomper’s Cove. We had a great afternoon splashing and swimming at the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center Pool.

The dumping cup was a huge hit at this pool.

Chomper’s Cove

The outdoor area at the Kearns Pool is called Chomper’s Cove and it is only open in the summertime. This area is huge! There are four different areas to play and swim.

Dive Tower Pool

If you have teenagers, they will love the diving pool. The tower has three different heights, but they were only allowing kids to jump off the 16 foot and 25 foot heights when we were there. It is really high! My young boys were not brave enough, but they liked watching others take the plunge. There are two regular diving boards in this area, too. The other side of the pool is still deep, and they swam and jumped in from the side.

The large dive tower is awesome.
Outdoor Recreation Pool

The main area of Chomper’s Cove is the large pool in the middle. There is a playground with sprayers and a few slides. Most of the kids swim and play in the pool that only reaches a maximum depth of five feet. This is the largest shallow pool at Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center.

This pool is perfect for all ages. It goes from shallow to deep.
This playground has a lot of different water features.
This was where we spent a lot of time at this pool.
Outdoor Splash Pool

On the far side of the pool, is the toddler area. This area has quite a few little slides, but they all land in water that is only about a foot deep. There is an area for kids to splash and play in, and they can also use sprayers and play on the playground area.

This is the splash pool. It is only about 6 inches deep.
Even my older boys enjoyed this splash area and slides.
There are lots of little slides for small kids.

The main highlight of this area is the large dumping cup. Every 15 minutes or so, the cup rings a bell as a warning and then it dumps a ton of water down. Kids from all over the pool hurry over to get washed by the huge cascade.

My boys stood in this water dump every single time!
Splash Pad

There is a small splash pad to enjoy, too. It has a few sprayers and some fun waterfalls. Our boys always love these waterfalls where they can stand behind them, or right inside of them. On the top there are a few sprayers that they pointed directly at their mom!

These waterfalls are always fun at splash pads.
There are also a few sprayers to splash in at their splash pad.

There is limited shade around the pool. We arrived right when the outdoor pool opened and were able to grab a table under the sun shades. There are only about 10 tables. There is a large shade that one family had staked out and plenty of chairs. You can easily find a chair to store all of your stuff. There are also lockers that you can use for free.

We were grateful for our shady table. It was worth going early.

You are allowed to bring in outdoor food, but they will look inside your cooler. No glass bottles or alcohol is allowed. We brought some sandwiches and snacks. The Chomper’s Grill is open during the summer months and it has a lot of options if you’d like to purchase food while you’re there.

Indoor Recreation Pool

There are 3 indoor pools, but we only visited one while we played the the Kearns Oquirrh Fitness Center Pool. The indoor recreation pool has a water slide, lazy river, and some play features like waterfalls and drippers. My boys loved the slide and the lazy river. We love indoor pools because it limits the amount of sunscreen I have to slather on the kids.

These splash features were great in the indoor pool.
Our youngest always wants to ride around the lazy river.
This slide was actually quite speedy.

During the colder months, the indoor pools are open to everyone. There is a lap pool, and an indoor competition pool. This pool was holding swimming lessons during the summer, but in the winter it has a Wibit floating obstacle course (like in the Wasatch Aquatics Center) and a basketball hoop.

Fitness Center

The Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center also has plenty of fitness activities other than swimming, too. One of their biggest features is the Olympic Oval where you can ice skate in the same spot the the Olympians skated. Check out their website for all of the options, as well as their current hours and prices. The fitness center is located at 5624 S. Cougar Ln, Kearns.

We used our Get Out Pass for free admission to the outdoor pools. The pass allows for one free admission per summer, and one free admission to the indoor pools in the off season months. Read more about the Get Out Pass and why we love it here.

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