Halloween on the High Seas | Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium has a fun, new Halloween Event. It is called Halloween on the High Seas, and this year (2022) it has a “Carnival” theme. The event takes place outside under the huge stage (EECO) and runs through October. Halloween on the High Seas at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is made for families.

pirate ship
There is a small walk through pirate ship.

We visited Halloween on the High Seas on a warm night in mid-October. After we’d gotten tickets, we were ushered up the steps and immediately met several actors playing the parts of pirates or carnies. There were several fun carnival games, which were included in the price of admission. Our boys enjoyed ringing the bell, throwing baseballs at metal jugs, skee-ball, and a few others. Amongst these games were several small shops and a few food trucks. Our favorite was the licorice vendor, so make sure to look for it!

The actors were so friendly and fun!
The shops and games lined the sidewalk.
We loved the carnival theme.
We also enjoyed the fun games.
There are lots of different shops to visit.
Corn hole underneath the changing lights of the stage.
There were even a few street performers like this.

There are a lot of fun events for kids at Halloween on the High Seas. We visited a small spook alley that wasn’t too spooky (just a few jump scares). Plenty of kids were enjoying the gentle scares inside. We saw a huge guillotine-like machine called “The Smasher” that obliterated pumpkins, crushing them to juice. There is even a live DJ and kid friendly dancing right under the stage.

The changing lights on these stepping stones were very popular.
You can skip the scare zone if you want, but we survived and aren’t very good at scary.
You can take photos with the mermaid.
There are lots of fun places to take photos!
We were the only ones dancing, but it was still fun.

One fun aspect of the event was the learning booths, which are free. We visited one booth and learned about plants. Another used the aquarium’s resources to talk about venom and poison and the creatures that use these as defense, and sometimes offense. Make sure to look out for these little information tents, where you can learn a little bit as you enjoy the carnival.

We really loved the learning stations.

Our favorite part of Halloween on the High Seas were the actors, who walked around the grounds greeting guests. None were scary, and all added to the ambience of the event. We even found a mermaid that fit the pirate them nicely. She was taking pictures with the little ones. Everyone was friendly, and it felt like you were enjoying a fun night at the carnival. They also add trick or treating the last few nights of the event.

The actors do a great job of staying in character.

The inside aquarium exhibits are not part of the Halloween on the High Seas event. Everything is outside, and the playground is open. This was a unique Halloween adventure, so we will definitely be adding to our Family-Friendly Halloween Activities in Utah list. For current dates and prices, check the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium website.

Halloween on the High Seas at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is great for families.

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