Sierra Newbold Playground

We visited Sierra Newbold Playground at Ron Wood Park in West Jordan. This playground is amazing, and it wasn’t busy at all (maybe because it is way out west). This playground is all accessible, has nice new play areas, and is great for all ages.

There are tons of spinning toys to try!

The Sierra Newbold Playground was built in honor of a young girl who was tragically abducted from her home and lost her life. It was built to honor Sierra, and other children who have lost their lives in tragedies such as this. There is a memorial so make sure to take the time to read the small plaque.

The memorial plaque is on the other side of this sign.

This playground has so much to do. There are tons of slides, lots of spinners, climbing areas, swings, and fun musical instruments, too. We spent a long time checking everything out and our boys had a blast! Sometimes taking the older boys to the playground is difficult. They don’t think slides are as fun as my toddler does, but this park had toys for all ages. The older boys had tons of places to climb, and the three story play area was fun, too. My oldest told me that he loved the ground here. He said it made it easier to run around when we were playing cops and robbers.

The boys loved spinning in this toy.
Everyone was happy about lots of different climbing toys.
There are ladders, steps, and a whole variety of ways to climb throughout this playground.
We liked the spider web!
My older boys love these rock climbing toys that are at many playgrounds.
There are also some musical instruments or hands-on toys like these which are perfect for toddlers.

The floor, if I can call it a floor, is soft and rubbery. There is no bark and no tire chips. It is smooth and accessible for wheelchairs. One of the perks of this playground is that it is all accessible. And with no bark, the kids can run between the play area and the splash pad without getting bark stuck all over their feet.

The ground covering was wonderful.
Even Mom climbed up to the top of the playground to check out the view.

There is also a splash pad near the Sierra Newbold playground. The water wasn’t on when we were there in the middle of May, but it looked similar to the Spanish Fork Splash Pad, a flat area with a lot of sprayers. We will have to go back and check it out in the summer. There are also bathrooms, tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, and a pavilion.

The splash pad is in the middle of the cement over there. You can also see one of two pavilions, and lots of benches.

The one thing that this playground doesn’t have is shade, so make sure to wear sunscreen, and bring hats and sunglasses.

Sierra Newbold Playground is located at Ron Wood Park in West Jordan. The address is 5900 W New Bingham Highway. We took the Mountain View Corridor to 9000 South. Turned West on 9000 South, and then took the first right onto New Bingham Highway. The park is on your left, and you will take your first left onto 5950 West or Ron Wood Drive.

Sierra Newbold Playground is the perfect place to play for the afternoon.
My boys had huge smiles like this the entire time we played at this park.

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