Palisade Park Splash Pad | Orem, UT

We decided to visit the Palisade Park Splash Pad this summer. This splash pad has some extra benefits like a snack shack that make it fun to visit. We had a wonderful afternoon splashing at Palisade Park Splash Pad in Orem.

The splash pad features three waterfalls. Each waterfall does something different. One waterfall comes down in a solid curtain that kids can stand behind while another waterfall splits into small streams more like a shower. The final waterfall is a steady stream that really drenches the kids if they stand under it. Our boys loved these waterfalls and the backdrop is built to look like Mount Timpanogos, and the real Mount Timp actually stands in the background of the splash pad.

The large waterfalls are super fun for getting soaked.
Our boys like standing behind the curtain of water.
This is a unique feature that most splash pads don’t have.
Mount Timpanogos is a great backdrop for the splash pad.

The splash pad also has a river that runs the entire length of the splash pad from the waterfalls down to the large spraying fountain. This fountain really drenches the kids if they run through. The river is just a few inches deep so it’s perfect for toddlers to splash in. There are little sprayers all over the splash pad that my boys loved playing and splashing with.

There are little sprayers all along the river.
A few shade sails provide shade in one area of the splash pad.
This big fountain was a hit with our kids.
We had fun playing at Palisade Park Splash Pad.

One area of the splash pad has a few shade sails, but for the most part this splash pad is in full sun. There are a few tables with shade sails to the east of the splash pad where you can store your stuff and eat lunch.

There is a snack shack that sells nachos and popcorn and other snacks next to the large pavilion. Palisade Park also has a playground. The playground is next to the splash pad, but very few kids were playing on it because the playset is in full sun and was super warm. It also had bark underneath is so it wasn’t comfy on bare feet.

This is the snack shack and pavilion.
The playground is fun, but hot during the summer.

The Palisade Park Splash Pad was super busy. It seems to be a popular spot, so come ready to share the shade and grass. Also, there are decorative rocks in the planters nearby that some kids thought should be used in the splash pad. Please help your children keep the rocks where they belong. We saw lots of little kids trip on the rocks, and it makes the splash pad unsafe and muddy.


Palisade Park Splash Pad is located at 1313 E 800 N right behind Cascade Mini Golf. The splash pad runs from 10 am – 8 pm every day. It is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. You can check the Orem City site to make sure it’s open.

Some other fun splash pads nearby are Provo Splash Pad, Lehi Splash Pad, and Vineyard Grove Park Splash Pad.

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