Lodestone Park

We love when our readers share about fun places to go. Recently, we got a tip to check out Lodestone Regional Park in West Valley, or possibly Kearns. I think it’s right on the border! Either way, the tipster was definitely right. This park is amazing! We had so much fun and can’t wait to take the older boys back.

This tower stands out at the top of the hill.

Lodestone Park has a lot of different types of play areas. We loved the variety of slides that were at this park. There was one huge cement slide that kids and adults can zip down. Our four year-old loved the slide that went under the grass, and out the other side. He thought that was amazing. There is a huge tower to climb up, and it has two long slides coming down. That doesn’t even cover any of the smaller slides or the actual playground area. This park was full of fun stuff, but we’ve nicknamed it “Slide Park.”

There are so many slides!
See how this slide starts up top, and then comes out below? My four year old loved sliding under the grass.
This big wide slide is fun. Even Mom gave it a try!

There is a huge rope climbing structure. Our four year-old didn’t want to climb all the way to the top, but the bigger kids at the playground did. He still enjoyed climbing around in the lower levels, but he really loved the Zipline. This Zipline is longer than any we have ever seen at a park. You need a really good running jump to get all the way across and back, but we didn’t mind. We just went a little ways and hopped down. It was definitely a very popular part of the park.

This rope structures was great for climbing.
The Zipline is really long.
There is also this huge tire to climb on, or run under, that was donated by the copper mine.

There were actually four playgrounds at Lodestone Park. In the main part of the playground, there are two playgrounds: one geared for small children with smaller slides and climbing areas, and another huge playground with lots of ladders, rope bridges, slides, and stairs. There are two other playgrounds across the grass from this area. No one was playing over there, but we ventured over to check them out anyway. They were small, and not as exciting as the other play equipment, but if you needed to escape a crowd, you could head over to this quieter area.

This is the main playground of Lodestone Park
This is the smaller one for toddlers.
Then if you head north, you will find two other playgrounds, and another pavilion.

There is a small sand section of Lodestone Park. There are two little diggers for kids to dig sand, as well as a small water table. Our youngest got plenty wet, so you might want to bring flip-flops, or go shoeless in this section. There are also a ton of swings all around the play area.

The sandy area was popular with the kids.
The kids loved that you could turn the water on and get the sand wet.

The ground covering is interesting because there is quite a variety. There is the sand area, the bark, and then there is turf (fake grass), but it’s squishy and soft to walk on. So every spot has a different type of ground to play on. There are also benches and tables throughout the play area so you can easily sit and watch your children.

You can see how the bark and the turf are intermixed throughout the park.
There are benches all over this park for parents.

Some other amenities you will find at Lodestone Region Park are bathrooms, two pavilions, tennis courts, basketball courts, paved walking trails around the park area, and lots of grass. There is also a section of undeveloped area where I am sure they have plans to add more to the park. We can’t wait to see what else they add in future years.

This is the sign to watch for when you are heading to the park.

One last note, it was so windy. My hair was flying everywhere, and a few moms that I spoke with told me that it is always windy there. So be prepared with braided hair, or hats. I was also glad that I wore my sunglasses to keep sand and dirt from blowing in my eyes.

It was super windy at Lodestone Park, but we it didn’t affect how much fun we had.

Lodestone Park is great for families because children of all ages can have fun. Our oldest loves this park just as much as our youngest. You will want to visit this park!! Even though it’s way out west! Lodestone Regional Park is located at 6252 W 6200 S in Salt Lake County.

I loved that there were different places to climb here like this ladder and rock wall.
Lodestone Park is fun for families.

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