Richard’s Hollow Waterfall

Utah has so many amazing waterfalls! We’ve got a huge list of Utah Waterfalls for you to visit, and we added another great one today. Though Richard’s Hollow Waterfall is only a little over three miles roundtrip, we have it rated as moderate because it is a fairly serious climb to the falls.

Hike Info

  • Distance: 3.2 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 850 feet
  • Rating: moderate
  • Dog Friendly: Yes

The trail starts out with a steady climb. It isn’t too steep, but it’s work for the first three-quarters of a mile. Luckily, the vegetation is lush and green and there is plenty of shade. We saw a golden eagle and a few deer along the trail, but even if you don’t spot wildlife, it is a beautiful hike.

The trail begins by this small trail sign. There is a pit toilet by the trailhead.
The trail is mostly shady.
We spotted this beautiful Golden Eagle soaring above us.
There is a gate along the trail to keep the cows out. Make sure to close it behind you as you continue up the trail.
There were lots of wildflowers during the last week of June when we hiked.
The first part of the hike is a consistent climb.

After a while, the trail begins to flatten out. It crosses the stream at two different points. It is important to note that the stream bed that you start along first is dry, but after a half mile, you’ll see water in the stream. If you don’t see water in the stream after half a mile, there won’t be a waterfall. We hiked this trail on July 1, and there was plenty of water, but we’ve heard that the waterfall might disappear in some dry years.

The river crossings are simple.
We appreciated the shady trail.
Watch for this fun rock chair along the trail!

After a mile and quarter, you come to a turn in the trail. The trail doubles back and leaves the stream. Someone has built a conical tepee out of sticks, which our boys enjoyed. Make sure to catch your breath at this point, because the final climb to the waterfall is steep! It only covers about a third of a mile, but it rises steadily and there is a steep drop off to the left side of the trail. It isn’t dangerous, but you’ll need to go slowly and be safe.

Once you find the teepee, head up the hill.
Richard’s Hollow trail is really beautiful.
The last part of the trail is steep and rocky. Be careful.

Finally, Richard’s Hollow Waterfall comes into view. If you continue a few dozen yards up the trail, you’ll see a branch down to the base. (The main trail continues up for quite a few miles.) It’s a short scramble down to the foot of the falls, and you can get right up close. We slipped quite a bit on the way down to the base of the falls, so be extra careful here. One thing we liked was a half hollow log that acted as a natural culvert right at the base of Richard’s Hollow Falls.

Soon you will see the waterfall.
Look for the trail that heads down. It was muddy and slick when we visited, so we slid most of the way down.
The waterfall is beautiful.
This log was acting as a chute for the water.

The waterfall stands about 25 feet high and is quite beautiful free-falling away from the cliffside. The hike down was much easier than the hike up, too! Best of all, we didn’t see a single hiker along the trail!

Richard’s Hollow Waterfall


The trailhead for this waterfall is located in Left Hand Fork Canyon, which is a branch off of Blacksmith Canyon near Hyrum, east of Cache Valley. From US-91 (Sardine Canyon between Brigham City and Logan), turn right onto UT-101/Main St toward Hyrum. Follow for 2.5 miles. Turn right onto 400 W, and then in 1/2 mile turn left onto Hyrum Main St. Follow for 8.9 miles and then turn left onto FR 245/Left Hand Blacksmith Fork Canyon. There is a sign.

Once you turn off the road, the pavement soon changes to a rocky dirt road. Follow this road for about 3.7 miles. The road was easily passable in our van, and passenger cars should be able to make it with some careful driving. The trailhead has a sign with restrooms and a parking turnaround. It is located just past Friendship Campground.

The road is rocky and bumpy, but we think most cars can make it.
The area is beautiful!

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  1. Stephanie Stuart

    Every other hiking site says this hike is 9miles. Im confused how you only have it as 3.2. Am I missing the shortcut somewhere?? Thanks!!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      The entire Richard’s Hollow hike is 9 miles. That is a hike all the way through the hollow. This post is about the waterfall. You come to the waterfall at 1.6 miles in, and then we turned around. So that is where we got 3.2 miles.