Waterfalls in Utah

We love waterfalls! Hiking to a waterfall is the one of the best types of hike because it offers a great reward for the kids. Despite being a desert, Utah is full of amazing waterfalls.

This is a list of waterfalls that we have personally visited, so we can give you the full run down on each one. We know that it isn’t a complete list, and we have a bunch more we want to add this summer, so come and check back soon. We also created a printable of Waterfalls in Utah, so you can check them off as you go! Happy waterfall hunting!

Adams Canyon Lower Falls

Adam’s Canyon Lower Falls is less known than the the bigger falls. Located near Layton, this hike starts out fairly steep, but levels out as you near the falls. Best of all, you can sneak behind the falls if you don’t mind getting a little wet.

Deuel Creek Waterfall

Deuel Creek South Fork Trail has not one, but two, waterfalls, a rope swing, and 12 little bridge crossings. It is a beautiful trail that follows the creek the entire way, and quickly became a family favorite. It’s 5.0 miles to the 2nd waterfall, but the first one is only .75 miles RT.

 Lisa Falls

Lisa Falls barely even qualifies as a hike. It’s less than a half mile round trip, but this beauty cascades down the cliff sideways. Best of all, you can visit Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon in winter.

Gloria Falls

This roaring little waterfall located in Little Cottonwood Canyon is just under 2.5 miles round trip. It requires a little off trail exploration, but with the directions on the link, you’ll find it.

Stairs Gulch

In Big Cottonwood Canyon there is beautiful hike to a series of small waterfalls called Stairs Gulch. These intermittent falls can be seen right along the path as a stream trickles down a steep canyon. The hike isn’t too steep, and you can walk as far as you want. Perfect for all ages.

Hidden Falls

This is barely a hike, too. You walk about a hundred yards from the S-curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon. As soon as you can’t hear the cars whizzing by you come upon a gorgeous little grotto with a waterfall you stand in.

Mill B South

The Mill B South Interpretive Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon has a pretty little waterfall. It’s less than a mile roundtrip along a paved trail, which is perfect for strollers and other wheels.

Moss Ledge Waterfall

Moss Ledge is a short, but strenuous hike up the creek and mountainside to a beautiful waterfall. We don’t recommend this trail for anyone who isn’t a confident hiker and climber, and definitely not for young children. It is a truly adventurous hike.

Donut Falls

Donut Falls is probably the most popular, and busiest waterfall, for folks from the Salt Lake Valley. It is a beautiful waterfall that you can get up close to. Depending on how far away you have to park, it is only 1.5 miles roundtrip.

Rocky Mouth Falls

Rocky Mouth Falls starts in a neighborhood on Wasatch Blvd. It quickly climbs into the trees and ends up at a beautiful hidden grotto with a very nice waterfall. This hike is easy and short for any little hikers.

Heugh’s Canyon

Heugh’s Canyon waterfall is classified as moderate. It’s a little longer hike at 3.5 miles roundtrip, and it climbs most of the way. There is even a little scrambling at the boulder field, but the waterfall is impressive. This picture in late fall doesn’t show it’s full force.

Ghost Falls

Ghost Falls is located behind the temple in Draper. It’s a small waterfall, but a nice, urban hike. This trail is short, and we describe two different ways to reach the waterfall in our link.

Horsetail Falls

Horsetail Falls is one of the best known waterfalls for locals in Utah County. The trail is moderate because of its length (5 miles roundtrip) and steepness, but the waterfall is a must-see for all Utahns who love the outdoors.

Battle Creek Falls

Battle Creek Falls should be every toddler’s first hike. It starts in the foothills above Pleasant Grove and is short and easy. The waterfall is large and beautiful and you can get right up close. Hook your little ones on hiking with this gem!

Stewart Falls

Maybe the best known waterfall hike to Utah Valley residents, Stewart Falls is located on Alpine Loop. It requires a fee to access the loop, but this waterfall plunges a whopping 200 feet. This is a must-do hike for locals at just under 4 miles round trip.

Timpanogos Falls

Timpanogos Falls shares a trailhead with Stewart Falls, and is actually along the trail to the summit of Mount Timpanogos. You only after walk a little over a mile to the upper and lower falls along the Aspen Grove side of Mount Timp. In the spring you’ll see a massive waterfall, but in fall, it’s a trickle.

Scout Falls

The Timpooneke side of Mount Timpanogos has a waterfall, too. Scout Falls is 1.5 miles up the Timpooneke Trail, making it a 3 mile hike. This pretty little waterfall is just right for kids, and you can stand right in the spray!

Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs is an amazing area at the top of American Fork Canyon. There is a boardwalk and a few short trails. Best of all, there are ponds to see fish and small waterfalls that even Grandma can access.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls can be seen from the road in Provo Canyon. There is a trail that goes as far up or down the canyon as you want. Sure there will be a lot of traffic, but kids will enjoy this wheel-friendly hike.

Upper Falls

Upper Falls is located right next to Bridal Veil Falls, but it is relatively unknown. The hike is very short (.3 miles) but almost straight up. The waterfall is a really nice cascade, though. We can help you find it!

Dripping Rock

Dripping Rock Trail is our most popular hike because it is short, wheel-friendly, and always running. Not only that, it’s a unique feature that’s not really a waterfall, but a constant drip that you can crawl right under. Find it at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon up Highway 6.

Grotto Falls

Grotto Falls is one of our favorite short family hikes. This hike is relatively flat, fun, and short. It ends in a beautiful grotto at a short pool and waterfall. It is located on the Nebo Loop. During fall it is absolutely gorgeous!

Gordon Creek Falls

Gordon Creek Falls is a fairly easy trail to a less visited waterfall. This hike is along an ATV trail, so it is wide and easy to follow, but there is no shade. The waterfall is worth it because it’s tall and you can walk right up to the top and touch the water.

Provo River Falls

Dad climbed on the rocks in the river to get this shot.

Provo River Falls is not technically a hike as you only have to walk about fifty yards to the overview. Still it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Utah because of the volume of water. It is located right along the Mirror Lake Highway.

Kanarraville Falls

Kanarraville Falls is one of our favorite hikes. This narrow canyon with waterfalls has you walking right up the river into the waterfalls. There is a now a fee to access the canyon, but you won’t regret doing this hike at least once.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is near Cedar Breaks National Monument. It is only a little over a mile roundtrip, relatively flat, but has a few mild drops to the side of the trail. This waterfall is unique because it comes out of a crack in the face of the rock.

Pine Creek

This hidden hike in Zion is difficult to find, but at only a half mile, it is definitely worth going off trail. Make sure that you read our instructions, or your are unlikely to find this pretty little gem.

Emerald Pools

Emerald Pools is another well known waterfall in Zion National Park. Though the trail is quite busy, there are some wonderful photo opportunities. This is one of the premier hikes in Zion, and the best Utah waterfall in a National Park.

Lower Calf Creek

Lower Calf Creek Falls is a little longer than most of the short hikes on this list. It is also the most imnpressive waterfall in Utah. Everyone should make the trek to see this 130 cascade at least once. It has been described as Utah’s best waterfall.

Mossy Cave

The Mossy Cave hike, which is located in Bryce Canyon NP outside the fee area, features a man-made waterfall. It’s less than a mile round trip to see both the waterfall and the grotto.

Bullion Falls

Bullion Falls is a massive gusher in central Utah near Marysvale. The hike takes you to an overlook of the 75 foot waterfall after a short hike of only two miles round trip.

Milky Falls

Milky Falls is a relatively unknown waterfall at the end of a bumpy road in Manti Canyon. You won’t spot any crowds at this waterfall, but you will find a really nice overlook for a beautiful white veil cascade.

Ely Creek Waterfall

If you find yourself in northeastern Utah, you should definitely hike Ely Creek. This waterfall is not very big, but it was so gorgeous in the fall. We couldn’t believe all the oranges, reds, and yellows. We even passed the bighorn sheep that frequent this trail!

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