Cedar Canyon Walking Trail Waterfall

We love waterfalls! Sometimes, we even like fake man-made waterfalls. On a trip to Cedar City we found a flat, easy, stroller-friendly hike that leads to a really pretty, though fake waterfall. If you’re in the area, give Cedar Canyon Walking Trail Waterfall a try.

The Cedar Canyon Walking Trail is paved, and there are a lot of bikes, skateboards, and scooters along the way. It starts at Ann J Gardner Canyon Park West. The address is 151 South 400 East in Cedar City. From the parking area, walk through the park and cross the stream running through the park. Then take the paved trail to the right (South). There is a sign that marks the trail, so it’s easy to find.

The park is fun for playing, even if you don’t hike.
This stream in the park is fun to splash in during the summer.
There is a sign that shows all the trails in Cedar City. The Cedar Canyon Walking Trail heads up the ramp.
The Cedar Canyon Trail is easy and paved.

The walk is smooth and easy and perfect for wheels, so bring the stroller or wheelchair along. There is a little up and down and the trail sees direct sun most of the day, so this hike may be best in the morning or the evening.

We took all ages of hikers on this trail, even this little 1 1/2 year old.

There are a few stops along the way. After about 1/4 mile you come to a historic marker about an old grist mill that used to be here. Close to the end you will come to a bridge. This bridge walks over to another parking area, so you could park here at the Nature Park and have an easier hike. There are also bathrooms.

We loved learning some Cedar City history.
The trail walks near the creek, but not super close.
There are some green spots, but no shade.
The bridge comes up around the 1 mile mark.
There is a tiny waterfall, but push on the last 1/3 mile to the big falls.

The trail continues on past the nature park up to the waterfall. The hike is 1.3 miles to this point, so it’s 2.6 miles roundtrip. Despite being manmade, it’s still pretty because there are three even tiers and you can walk right over next to it. Be careful, though. A fall would be really dangerous!

After passing the bridge, you enter the Nature Park.
There are bathrooms here, too.
There are little mile markers along the way.
Soon the waterfall comes in to view.
You can walk right up to the waterfall.
Be careful by the waterfall, but it’s a fun end to the hot hike.

We loved this little dog-friendly stroll (clean up required). There were also restrooms along the way, and the park would be a great place for a picnic. It even includes a playground and that fun stream to splash in. We are adding Cedar Canyon Walking Trail Waterfall to our waterfalls list.

We also played at the park when we got back from the hike.

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