The Wedge Overlook

We’d never heard of the Wedge Overlook in Emery County. But we found it to be one of the most stunning panoramas we’ve ever seen! This remote area in the San Rafael Swell may take some effort to get to, but there is nice camping and a great view.

The Wedge overlooks a massive canyon that is sometimes called the Little Grand Canyon. This canyon is a sprawling cut in the land, and the road takes you right to the rim. There are two different overlook points. The first one you come to offers great views of the canyon and the river. The view is very impressive.

The views at the first stop are beautiful.
We loved how far you could look and the different rock formations.
There are steep drop offs so keep your kids back from the edge.

Make sure to continue up the road to the Wedge. The view would be astounding enough even without the Wedge. The Wedge is an outcropping of rock that sticks out into the canyon. This narrow point of rock, though not very dangerous, gives a commanding view of the canyon. It is almost like that scene in Titanic when Jack and Rose are standing on the bow of the ship. It’s better, though, because the winding river far below and deep red rock walls make it really beautiful. We enjoyed walking out onto the Wedge and overlooking this amazing canyon.

The Wedge sticks right out into the canyon, so you are able to stand get a full view of the area around you.
Pictures cannot capture how beautiful the canyon is.
This is looking to the other side of The Wedge.
Once again, keep an eye on those kiddos, but enjoy the views!
This is the Wedge that you walk out and look into the canyon.

Though the Wedge area is used by locals for camping (there is a campground), there is no water and only pit toilets. This makes the camping pretty primitive. The location is the middle of the desert, accessible only by dirt roads, which makes it a little more remote.

We didn’t go to the Wedge to camp, and happened to pass through quite unexpectedly. We were on a drive on the Buckhorn Wash road to see the famous pictograph panel that has been restored. The Wedge is just a little out of the way. We recommend making a day out this trip and visiting both of these areas together. It would make one of the best scenic drives in Utah!

This is a great stop. A really special place in Utah that most people never see.


If you decide to drive the Buckhorn Wash from the 1-70, take exit 131 and head north on the dirt road. Follow the directions on our post about the Buckhorn Wash. You’ll see the famous Pictograph Panel, the sinkhole, a perfect dinosaur track, a historic bridge, and towering rock formations. You might even be lucky enough to see bighorn sheep! At the end of that drive, which will take a few hours, the Wedge is only a few miles away. Turn left toward Castle Dale on the Green River Cutoff Road, and watch for signs for the Wedge Overlook. Once you turn on the road toward the Wedge, it’s 6 miles to the overlook.

The Wedge is also accessible from Castle Dale. It is roughly 20 miles east (which works out to about a forty minute drive on dirt roads). They maintain the roads pretty well, so any vehicle can make it. Take SR 401 (Green River Cutoff Road) east toward the Wedge and watch for the signs for the Overlook. The route is well signed. Head south at the turn off, and drive 6 miles to the overlook.




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  1. Nicky Labrum

    This is my home! I grew up about 30 minutes from here and spent a lot of time there. LOVE it!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      It is beautiful! We were so glad we were able to visit. Lucky that you grew up nearby.