Norman Rockwell Exhibit @ BYU MOA


The BYU Art Museum has an amazingly family-friendly exhibit right now. They are featuring the art of Norman Rockwell. There is nothing abstract or even “artsy” about Rockwell. He simply painted beautiful, recognizable pictures of Americana. By the time we left, all of our boys had favorites.


This free exhibit is held in the basement of the museum. Before you enter, you’ll see every one of Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers. It takes 20-30 minutes just to scan through the covers, which range from around 1920-1960. We laughed pretty hard when one lady asked a volunteer if each painting was an original (they weren’t even paintings, they were magazine covers!)


There’s a short video (12 minutes) that told the story of Norman Rockwell’s life. It was just interesting enough, and just the right length to keep the attention of our boys. We learned a lot about Rockwell and the way he produced his art. Don’t skip the movie if you make the trip to the museum.

Here we are waiting to watch the video. We loved learning how Norman Rockwell created his art.
Here we are waiting to watch the video. We loved learning how Norman Rockwell created his art.

The exhibit will take around 30-45 minutes to walk through, depending on how long you spend with each piece. When you enter, turn to the left. We went backwards, and some of the pieces appeared before the process of their creation, which wasn’t a big deal, but would have been better in the proper order.


Mom and Dad both got to see their favortie Rockwell’s– Mom’s is called “Freedom from Want” and was used as a war bonds poster:

From Best Norman Rockwell Art

Dad’s favorite is “The Problem We All Live With,” which shows Ruby Bridges accompanied by federal marshalls as she enters William Franz Elementary School:

From This American Life

You must reserve tickets in order to see this exhibit, but the tickets are FREE.  There are time slots every 20 minutes, and we reserved ours a week early so we could get the time we wanted on Saturday. You can also walk through the other exhibits in the BYU Museum of Art. Entrance to the museum is always FREE. To reserve tickets for the Norman Rockwell Exhibit, visit the BYU MOA website.

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