Open Studio at BYU Museum of Art

We always enjoy visiting the BYU Museum of Art (MOA). This museum is free and there are always lots of great exhibits. But one of the best things about the BYU MOA is that they have FREE art classes for families. On the first and third Saturdays, Open Studio at the BYU Museum or Art offers families the chance to create art together.

The room is all set up for art with kids.

The art projects in Open Studio are geared around one of the current exhibits. When we were at the BYU Museum of Art, there was a stained glass exhibit. When we checked in at the Open Studio room they had us visit the exhibit with a paper. The instructions gave directions to look for certain patterns and techniques in the stained glass.

Start at the Open Studio room to find out more information.

After we explored the exhibit, we returned to the art room to create our own art. We used 7 different watercolor techniques that were meant to look like different stained glass patterns. There were a few art students in the room to help us, but everything was set out and ready to go right on the tables.. Our boys had so much fun exploring with art, and we especially loved being able to do it as a family. We learned a lot about art, and we want to go back another week so we can see what different art project they will have going on.

Everything we needed was set out on the tables.
We enjoy being creative together.

This program is FREE, and definitely worth trying out with your family. Open Studio at BYU MOA happens on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month (check the calendar before you go, just in case) between 11 am and 1 pm. There is also a free preschool program during the week that requires registration.

The boys were so proud of their artwork.


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