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The Baseball Hall of Fame is located way out in the middle of upstate New York. It takes some effort to get there, but the small city of Cooperstown is worth the visit. The entire town is dedicated to the sport of baseball. Cooperstown’s Main Street is lined with stores and shops that are full of mementos, baseball cards, t-shirts, and other gear. The Baseball Hall of Fame is a multi-level building in this town that honors the greatest players in history.

The Baseball Hall of Fame is the heart of Cooperstown.

Why a Memberhip Might Be for You

One quick tip: For our family of five, it was about the same cost to join the Baseball Hall of Fame as members as it would have been to enter the Hall for one day (about $120 in 2022). Since there are some advantages to being a member, we took this route and bought a year-long membership. That saved us the cost of admission at the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, which offers free entry for Baseball Hall of Fame members.

Also, if you have a large family it will definitely be worth the cost since it is based on immediate family members. So do a little research on pricing before visiting.

Scavenger Hunt

Our boys’ favorite activity at the Baseball Hall of Fame was the Scavenger Hunt. The scavenger hunt has different items to search for while walking through the museum. When they completed the list, they traded it in for free baseball cards. My boys were very motivated by this activity. We wouldn’t have known about the scavenger hunt if someone else in our group hadn’t mentioned it. Make sure to ask at the desk if you are visiting with children.

The Scavenger Hunt was a lot of fun for our boys.

The entire ground floor of the Baseball Hall of Fame is filled with the plaques of inducted members. We wandered about looking at the hundreds of plaques of all our favorite players. It’s fun to find Hank Aaron, Jim Rice, or whomever you love. We were super excited to see the spot for David Ortiz who was being inducted later that summer.

The Plaque Gallery is one of the main attractions of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Jackie Robinson definitely deserves a spot here.
We had fun finding all of our favorite players.
So happy that Big Papi will be added to the Hall of Fame in 2022.

Other Exhibits

The upper floors of the Baseball Hall of Fame are full of artifacts. Different areas are dedicated to ground-breaking players, including record setters and those who broke down barriers in baseball. Other exhibits honor coaches and players for different aspects of the game.

There were exhibits of women in baseball.
We loved finding players that we watched play baseball.
Another great exhibit was with these large screens where you could choose different highlights to watch.
We also liked the By the Numbers area, where there were artifacts that matched with different records in the MLB.

There is an exhibit dedicated to all of the movies about baseball. We had seen most of them, but there were a few that we made note to watch later. One exhibit allowed you to make your own baseball cards and our boys thought this was a ton of fun. Then the exhibit continues with displaying some very rare baseball cards.

We love classic baseball movies.
There is a small kids play area with some books and games.
Not sure why both children ended up taking tongue pictures.
Creating the baseball cards was.a big hit.
Some of these cards are worth unbelievable amounts of money.


If you don’t have that much time, make sure that you don’t skip the movie. We all agreed that it was definitely worth the 20 minutes or so that we spent in the small theater. The movie highlights some of the great moments in baseball.

There is so much to see in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

We spent about 3 hours exploring the Baseball Hall of Fame. There was so much to see, and we learned so much as we read through all of the exhibits. There is a very large gift shop at the end, too. You can get more details on their website.

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