Mystique Dining and Magic Show

We found an amazing date night idea! The Mystique Dining and Magic show located at Gardner Village was an amazing night out, and just the recharge we needed. The food was delicious, the magic was astounding, and the ambience was incredible. Mystique Dining is an amazing place for a date, an anniversary, a birthday, or an event like prom.

Mystique Dining has a fun atmosphere.


Reservations are required at Mystique Dining because you order your food when you make the reservation. We chose prime rib and a game hen. They came as part of a five course meal with all the trimmings, and included the magic show. For more details about current shows and dinner options, visit the Mystique Dining website.

The decor is amazing.
The whole ambience is very fun and magic-themed.


Dinner starts right on time at the Mystique, which was six o’clock for us. We got checked in, and were soon led to our seats. There is room for about thirty guests sharing three tables so everyone can see the magic, and we quickly made friends with the people around us. The theme of the room is magic, and there are posters of famous magicians, and a sort of dark, elegant theme pervades the restaurant.

Our first course was the most delicious butternut squash bisque. It was possibly the best soup we’ve ever eaten. Following that there was salad, “predesert” of sorbet, and then the main entree. The prime rib was accompanied by amazing asparagus and potatoes with perfect tangy flavor. Finally, we had mango cake with raspberry sauce and blueberries as the final course. This assortment of flavors worked really well together. This was plenty of food for us, but there are a lot of sides that you can add. The stuffed mushrooms were excellent, and people around us tried shrimp and other things.

The butternut squash soup was delicious.
We liked the prime rib.
And the chicken was yummy, too.
I loved the mango cake for dessert.


After dinner was cleared up, we were introduced to our magician. They have many magicians that rotate, and all are well-known. According to their bios, they’ve worked in Las Vegas and are true professionals. Ours was amazing.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the show, but she did rings, card tricks, escapes, ropes, mind-reading, and other sleight of hand tricks. She even called me up to participate in a trick where she made an egg disappear. I am no stranger to magic, but I had no idea where she was making that thing go! It truly disappeared! Best of all, she was funny and engaging.

No pictures or videos allowed, but here is our host introducing the magician. She stood right there and performed all of her tricks.

The best part of the magic show was the proximity. With one large table and the magician at the head of it, everyone had a prime seat to be mystified. This is the draw of the Mystique Dining and Magic Show. Being right with a professional artist, seeing the tricks up close instead of on a stage, made it a night to remember. Mystique Dining also has a sister company next door called The Prestige. The Prestige has the same type of set up with dinner and a magician show, but there are small tables around the room instead of the intimate set up of the Mystique. Check out our list of Fun Date Night Ideas in Utah for other ideas.

Such a fun date night!

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