After School Adventures

We have been spending some of our adventure time on back-to-school shopping and school preparations. Sometimes as summer winds up and school starts, it feels like adventuring has to stop, but that is definitely not true. We try to schedule adventures all year, whether it is a weekend outing, or a quick after school activity. There are lots of places you can visit when you have a few hours free.

The Springville Art Museum is open late on Wednesdays.

Here are our go-to after school adventures. We visit these spots often throughout the school year. The main reason being that they stay open a little later than 5:00 pm, so you can adventure after school and dinner. The adventures outside can be done anytime until it’s dark. We hope these ideas will help you have a great school year filled with family adventures!


Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Indoor Active Adventures

These are a few of our favorite places to burn off some energy indoors! There are lots of fun places like this throughout Utah!

Airborne is a great after school adventure.


Parks are the best for a quick, fun adventure after school! You can often squeeze one in before dinner, but we also like to go in the evenings so Dad can come, too. Here are our “best of” lists, but you can always find lists of parks on your city website or search right here for your city name to see if we have highlighted anything.

Best of Salt Lake Parks

Best of Utah County Parks

Best of Davis/Weber County Parks

Thunder Junction (St. George)–best of St. George parks coming soon.

Rock Canyon Park in Provo


This can be tricky because daylight slowly gets shorter and shorter, but Fall and Spring are great times to sneak in a quick hike when you have an hour or two. Here are some short trails that we love.

Grotto Falls in Payson

Have fun as a family! Make time for those adventures. It is worth it! If you are still looking for some great back to school deals, or some new fall items, one of our favorite shopping spots is adidas. We do a lot of our back to school shopping online to allow more time for adventures. My boys always enjoy shopping from the comfort of our home, because, well, they are teenage boys. adidas has some great deals on clothes, shoes, and bags. And we love that adidas focuses on eco friendly ways to make their shoes and clothing. Read more about their earth friendly efforts on our blog post about adidas shoes.

My boys have multiple pairs of these shorts. You probably have noticed them in all of our adventure pictures. And that green tag means they are made from recycled materials.

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