Rad Tag Laser Tag

We tried a new laser tag place that was really fun. This one was quite unique, but what we liked best was that you could see the laser coming out of your gun. It was very easy to be accurate and point and shoot without just “spamming the button” as our teenager puts it. Rad Tag Laser Tag is located in Pleasant Grove and makes a great date night or family night!

We had a blast at Rad Tag Laser Tag!

Rad Tag Laser Tag was unique to any other laser tag we’ve ever visited. Not only does the gun have a laser pointer as described above, but the game we played was very unique. The style was free-for-all, so there were no teams. Instead, we played a series of rounds, and winners were announced at the end of each round. Best of all, no one was eliminated in any battle. Different times of the day have different games, so there are other games available to play that involve teams.

You get all fitted up and ready to go.

How to Play

After you sign the waiver, you and everyone playing with you, are led into a room where you are fitted with a vest and phaser. There is a quick video explaining how to operate everything, and then one of the workers tells you the rules of the game. Then you are ready to head into the arena area to play laser tag.

We love that you can see the lasers. It is so helpful!

The Rad Tag Laser Tag arena is large. There are different gates where you can recharge your vests. There are two different levels and you can hide in a bunch of different places to tag players all over the arena. We really love that we can see the laser all the way across the room. This makes it so much easier to be accurate.

After our 20 minute time slot, we had played four different rounds of our game. It was a blast and everyone had a smile as we walked out of the arena.

The arena is quite large.
There are screens to help you find your way.
We had so much fun!


Rad Tag Laser Tag has some other things to do, too. After we played laser tag, we put a little money on our cards and played some of the ticket games in the lobby. Our boys enjoyed shooting pop-a-shot basketball, skeeball, and some other arcade games. If you have the Get Out Pass, one of the venues is Rad Tag, and you get 25 tokens for the arcade (2024).

We liked that the tickets we earned turned into store credit, which we could use to buy more tickets, get something at the food bar, or purchase small toys. Our boys were happy because we used the ticket money to buy each of them a soft drink for the ride home.

The arcade games are a bunch of fun, too.
Make sure to plan a little time for the games.

Rad Tag Laser Tag is open Monday through Saturday. Evenings during the week, and all day on Saturday. Check out their current hours on pricing on their site. We know you will enjoy your visit.

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