My Little Paintbrush Art Classes

We had such a great time at My Little Paintbrush this week! Our boys all made the decision to skip soccer and baseball practices to go and paint cute little crabs. It was the perfect family adventure, especially for a rainy, indoor day.

My Little Paintbrush is the passion project of two sisters from Lehi. They opened up a painting studio that has classes and projects for all ages from preschool to adult. We choose a class for 8+ year olds, and all three of our boys, as well as Mom and Dad, loved it.

We were greeted by Ms. Cami as we entered My Little Paintbrush.. She made the effort to learn and remember our names as she got us checked in and showed us to our canvases. The acrylic paint and brushes were all ready, as we pulled on our aprons. The project was a crab painting, and as Ms. Cami taught the class up front, Ms. Sarah and a few other helpers walked the floor, refilling paint, wiping up spills, and helping us out. They paid extra special attention to our 7 year old, which helped him have an awesome experience.

Everything is set up and ready to go upon arrival.
There are helpers wandering through the room to assist everyone. I think we all raised our hands for help at least once during the 90 minute class.
They were so patient with our youngest and helped him feel successful.

The set up is really nice as they have multiple screens so that you can see what the teacher is doing as you paint on your own canvas. There was just the right balance between instructing us on shading and technique and allowing us the freedom to paint what we wished. Before we knew it, we had created our own masterpieces and the 90 minutes had flown by.

While the teacher is painting and sharing tips on what to do, you can watch from anywhere in the room on the large screens.
All the supplies are right at your seat so there is no need to get up and down.
We used a bunch of techniques on this crab like shading, foam brushes for bubbles, and more.

We were very impressed with how kind and helpful the teachers were. They were so patient with the kids, but also respectful of their artwork. We loved having the screens show us what the teacher was doing, and also that everything was all set up and ready when we arrived. We had so much fun learning new painting techniques that we will definitely be taking another paint class!

Following along was easy and fun at My Little Paintbrush.
Everyone’s paintings turned out so differently. We loved the creativity of everyone.
The adults loved this class just as much as the kids.

Check My Little Paintbrush‘s website on the 25th of each month. That is when they add the new classes for next month. If you’d like to get yourself or your children involved in a fun, artistic activity, go to the website and check out upcoming projects. You can find prices and times for whatever piece you’d like to attempt. It has made the 25th our favorite day of the month!

We are so proud of our paintings. And you can see a lot of other painting projects kids can try.

Tips for Families

  • Schedule your class early in the month. Many of the classes fill up quickly.
  • Wear clothes that will be okay to paint in. The aprons protect you, but there are always little mishaps.
  • Children can attend these classes alone. We really enjoyed painting as a family, though. These classes are also great for date nights, daddy-daughter dates, birthday parties, and more.
  • My Little Paintbrush is located on the corner of 100 W Main Street in Lehi. Just down the street from Pioneer Party and Lehi Bakery.
Look for this cute little shop on Lehi Main Street. Just a few doors down from the Lehi Bakery.

We were given free admission to this venue in exchange for our review. But our opinions are our own, and we are honest and open about our experience.

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