Scera Center Theater

We have written about attending plays at junior highs and high schools before, but this week we attended The Cat in the Hat at the Scera Theater down in Orem. The play was fantastic! The Scera does a wonderful job of making these shows family oriented. Every year they do one or two plays that are appropriate for children, this year happened to be The Cat in the Hat. They keep the show short–one hour. They always do something in the aisles which makes the show very fun and at the end of the show, you can go on out and meet the cast. They have popcorn and treats which my boys love to eat during the show. They have a cry room in the back corner which is sound proof. You can continue to watch and hear the show, but no one hears that screaming baby anymore. All of these things make the Scera a fun place to take your family if you want to introduce them to the theater.

The Scera Center also has a regular movie theater and houses the Orem Heritage Museum which we plan to review soon. Two of my children have been to this theater for field trips as well.

Behind the Scera Center Theater there is an an outdoor theater called the Scera Shell. Throughout the summer they do plays and concerts. We have seen some amazing concerts there including a Beatles cover band, David Gates, and Air Supply. They also do summer movies which are fun to take the kids to as well. You can sit on your blankets, or they have special chairs to rent that have been cut so you can use them on the hill.

The Scera offers lots of opportunities to spend time as a family enjoying plays, movies, or music. Check out their schedule.

Before the play began, they did an activity
where the audience helped sing a song.
The Cat in the Hat was awesome!

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