Large Dog statue lit up at the Best Friends Roadhouse

Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile

A lot of people know about the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary near Kanab. It has become well-known as a sanctuary, or rescue, that treats animals that are currently ownerless with the love and respect that all creatures deserve. But did you know that Best Friends runs a hotel in Kanab that is one hundred percent pet-friendly? Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile is a great hotel, especially for pet owners.

Best Friends Roadhouse is located right on the main road in Kanab.


This hotel is located right in Kanab. It is a lot like any other hotel, but with many amenities that are specific to furry friends. First, there are bowls for food and water in every room. There is also a gated entrance to the room, which means that there is a small entryway to keep your pet, which allows it to be in the room with you, but in separate quarters. If you are the kind that likes your pet to be right in the room with you, there is a small trundle bed under the human bed. Pull this out, and there is a comfy bed just right for your cat or dog.

two queen beds and bathroom at Best Friends Roadhouse
The rooms have lots of space.
Each room has it’s own pet dishes.
The beds have pet trundles underneath them.
The rooms also have this little area by the front door.
When the door is closed, your pet has its own little room.

Pet Amenities

Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile also features outdoor housing for your pet. Behind the hotel, there are large, open dog runs with natural features such as bushes and rocks. They also have a special “pet spa” where you can wash and pamper your pets. We don’t own a pet, so we didn’t get to use these amenities, but we saw many pets and their owners enjoying them.

Image of the pet area from Best Friends

There are other outdoor facilities, too. Most nights, the fire pit is lit, and there are s’mores kits available. The night we stay we even enjoyed live entertainment on a small outdoor stage as a local musician sang along to his guitar. The grounds are well lit and have beautiful local flora.

The grounds are well kept, and there are lots of great places to walk your pet.
This is the stage where live shows are performed. The pet spa and laundry room are behind.

Breakfast & Mercantile

Breakfast is included at the Best Friends Roadhouse, and of course, all options are vegan. We enjoyed oatmeal, cereal with non-animal milk, and pastries. When you check in, they also give you a free lunch card, which can be redeemed at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary’s vegan cafeteria, which is located up the road.

Breakfast is included with your stay.

There is also a gift shop for pet lovers and their pets. The mercantile store has books, photos, mugs, sweatshirts, hats and more. There is also information about Best Friends and what they do to rescue pets. We loved learning about the history of Best Friends sanctuary.

There is quite a large gift shop.
Our boys loved reading the stories about the animals.


Last of all, if you’re like us, you may have second-thoughts about cleanliness. But don’t! We found the rooms to be clean and odor free. Not only that, every dog that we saw at the hotel was either leashed or well-behaved. Even our child who is terrified of dogs didn’t have a negative interaction during our stay at the roadhouse. We highly recommend the Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile in Kanab for anyone, and definitely for those traveling with pets.

The rooms were very clean!
This cute dog kept peeking at us as we unloaded our car.

For more information and to book lodging, visit Best Friends Roadhouse website. And for more ideas of what to do in area, check out our Family-Friendly Things to do in Kanab post.

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