Poison Creek Trail | Park City

Poison Creek Trail is a small urban trail that walks along the edge of downtown Park City. This trail is paved for the entire length so it is wheel-friendly. There are also some very interesting stops along the way.


Trailhead access for Poison Creek Trail begins by the Old Town Transit Center. From the end of Heber Ave we went behind Handle’s and found the paved trail easily (there was even a sign). Check out the screenshot below to get your bearings. You can access the trail at a few other spots as well. The trail travels slightly downhill and follows the creek. You can follow the trail as far as you want, but we walked about a mile down and a mile back.

Hopefully this map gives you a little clue of where to start. We used the AllTrails app to get these directions.
There is a sign that labels that start of the Poison Creek trail.
The trail is paved and walks just behind Park City’s Main Street.

Shoe Tree Park

The first interesting stop is Shoe Tree Park. This tiny park is wedged between some apartments and a steep hillside. Hundreds of shoes hang from the trees in the park. We’re not sure how or why they got there, but it is a great place for some pictures.

Watch for this little bridge to turn into Shoe Tree park.
This would be a fun stop in the summer for a picnic.
I wonder who hangs all those shoes up there.
This was a fun stop on the Poison Creek Trail.

Music Park

A little further down the trail there is a stop for some music. Kids can play a few large home made instruments. These instruments are made of wood and old car parts. The brake rotors rang as clearly as bells, but the wooden xylophone and other pieces were nice, too. Just across the path there are some really interesting fish sculptures, too.

We loved the creative items used to make music.
We had so much fun making music at this little park.
The fish sculptures were pretty cool.

Park City’s City Park

Just a little more walking and you’ll arrive at a park for the kids. It is fully fenced because no dogs are allowed, but there are plenty of monkey bars, climbing toys, and swings. This stop broke up the hike nicely, as we actually stopped on the way back up the trail instead of the way down. This is another spot where you can hop on or off the trail.

Park City’s City Park has a lot of fun spots to play for all ages.
Our boys spent time digging in the sand box.
There was a small climbing pyramid as well tons of slides.


There are also some great tunnels that you pass through on the Poison Creek Trail. Each tunnel is beautifully painted, and our boys wanted to pose with every section. It was at the tunnel painted with vintage cartoon characters that we finally turned around. This was nearly a mile into our trip.

The first mural we came to was a mining mural.
The next mural was very colorful.
The last mural was full of cartoons.
We had fun taking lots of silly pictures.
This mural also had mining themes. This is where we turned around and walked back.

We really enjoyed this urban hike. Poison Creek Trail was the perfect way to get away from busy downtown Park City without getting too far away from busy downtown Park City! Check out our list of other things to do in Park City.

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