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We found a fun little art studio in Provo that focuses on ceramics. Throw Art Studio would be an amazing place for date night, or family night. We took the whole family to Throw and enjoyed our time on the potters’ wheels.

Throw Art Studio is located on 300 South and 300 East in Provo. The studio is in a neighborhood, but you’ll easily recognize the sign for Throw above the door.

Throw Art Studio is located in a neighborhood.
It was easy to find our way in, and you can see the products on the left ready for pick-up.

When we entered for our scheduled appointment, we were greeted by two hosts. They supplied us with aprons, and then we had a quick training about how the pottery wheels worked. This included how to center our clay and how to work out the air bubbles. Our trainers were very good and demonstrated how to create a hockey puck shape and then pull it into a donut. Finally, we learned how to shape the donut into a vase, dish, or plate, or whatever else we wished.

Getting ready to learn about using a pottery wheel.
Our instructors were so good!!

Of course, it wasn’t quite so easy to carry out those instructions on our own! Still, each time we made a mistake, or pulled the clay into a shape we didn’t like, they helped us to mend or reshape our project. Dad even had to start over! The host brought him right up to the point where he’d messed up, and then turned the project back over to him.

Working on our own was so fun.
I was very impressed with what my kids could create.
The instructors make this class amazing!

We really enjoyed our time on the wheel. It takes a lot of focus and concentration, but it also has a very soothing effect on the soul, much like waves crashing on the beach, or staring into a campfire. Best of all, we were proud of our creations.

After we’d finished “throwing” our pots, we used a small torch to harden them enough to remove them from the wheel. Then we cut through the clay and moved them onto a board. Finally, we chose a glaze color for their firing.

Here are some of our creations.

It will take a few weeks to get the pots back from Throw Art Studio. We are very excited to see our finished projects! I will add a picture of our completed pieces once they return.

This was a great activity because it was fun, instructive, and everyone could be successful. Our hosts made it really easy, and even our youngest was able to make a really nice vessel. All of our boys gave this activity two thumbs up and have talked about going again, so it was a definite winner.

We highly recommend this adventure!

Throw Art Studio is the perfect idea for a date night, or even a pre-dance activity for the teens. Pricing is affordable and there is even a kids’ class that doesn’t use the wheel, but they still create something using clay and their hands. Forball the current details and to schedule an appointment: Throw Art Studio.

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